Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Precinct Pleasers


The NYPD is starting a community greeter program, as a way to make visits to the precinct more successful for those who need services. The position, which many new greeters started on Monday, is called Community Guide, and is meant to deepen the relationship between each precinct and its community. The mayor announced it in his daily press conference on Sept. 30.

“We get complaints about individuals walking to present which can be very intimidating in nature to begin with, and not being greeted in a timely fashion, in a courteous fashion,” said Juanita Holmes, Chief of Patrol.

That position is now the point of contact for anyone who needs help, from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm. 

“This position is proof of the NYPD striving for excellence in the area of customer service,” Holmes said. 

One Bronx woman and her sister are community greeters who have previously worked in their precinct. “During my initial time working at NYPD, I started as a custodial assistant working at the 25th precinct. During COVID it wasn’t easy, but with the help of my peers I was able to take on disposition, and learn my way around pretty quickly,” said Rebecca Smith, who started this new position on Monday.

She forwarded the application to her mother and sister, who both applied and started training at the police academy. 

“I was fortunate enough to stay at my current precinct. A place I had gotten to know so well,” Smith said.

Smith said that being around officers in uniform can be intimidating for community members, so she acts as someone who can relate to the everyday community member, a friendly face. 

“My mother taught my sister and I to be courageous, respectful, and the importance of kindness. I’m excited to start my new role,” Smith continued.

According to a press release from the NYPD, the job will also include helping visitors with the documentation needed, helping obtain accident reports, and escorting them to other parts of the office.


georgetheatheist said...

Civil Service test or you have to know someone? What's the pay? Police uniform?

Anonymous said...

Does she know how to stare at a phone for hours on end? What are her thoughts on doughnuts as a food source? Can she sit in an air conditioned car for days without getting restless?
Has anybody asked her these questions or given her training on these vital NYPD tasks?

My guess is, no.

Anonymous said...

Issac Rodriguez has been arrested by the NYPD 57 times in the year 2021 and released every time due to the new bail laws.

Anonymous said...

Turd Ferguson said...
I’m so EXCITED to fill out one of those “Rate Your Arrest” cards!
Did your officer smile, and say please and thank you?
Did your officer explain to you ALL your rights around your ticket?
Did your officer offer you a free ride home?
Did your officer Pronounce Your name correctly?
How would you rate your free ride in a police cruiser?
How can we make YOUR arrest, better for YOU?
How likely are you to commit your crime again?
Would you tell your friends about your officer?

Anonymous said...

>Would you tell your friends about your officer?

Change to "Would you tell your social media about your officer?"
That's what they fear.