Friday, October 29, 2021

Extreme non-compliance


 PIX 11 News

With just one day left before they’re required to show proof of vaccination or lose their livelihoods, firefighters union members gathered outside of Gracie Mansion to protest.

While the mansion is the official home of Mayor Bill de Blasio, he wasn’t there during the mid-morning protest against his COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Instead, he was at City Hall trying to assure the city that it’s ready for potential problems that may arise if fire and police ranks are slashed by some 20%, as forecasted, due to vaccine non-compliance.

Andrew Ansbro, the president of UFA, the firefighters union, predicted that the situation will not be pretty if de Blasio doesn’t negotiate a testing option for his members.

“There’s gonna be a crisis in this city,” Ansbro said.

By Friday at 5 p.m., all municipal workers — including firefighters, police officers, EMTs, sanitation workers and others —have to show proof of vaccination, or be placed on unpaid leave starting Nov. 1.

The hundreds of protesters outside of the home where the mayor and his family live said that they’re not against COVID-19 vaccines, even though many people present indicated that they’re not going to be permitted to work on Monday, under the mandate. Instead, they said, they’re against the city requiring them to be vaccinated.

They also said that they resent that the mandate deadline did not provide much time for them to consider whether or not to get a shot. It was announced last week, 10 months after vaccines first became available for emergency use.

Jackie Martinez, the president of the United Women Firefighters affinity group, vocalized her concerns.

“Nine days is not enough time,” she said from a podium set up outside of Gracie Mansion, “for people who have mortgages, who have families, who have sick children to make a life-changing decision.”


Anonymous said...

DeBlasio is just carry out the orders of super wealthy anti-christian American ruling class.

Anonymous said...

Like someone said. This is what you get when you order your president thru the mail.

Anonymous said...

When Barak and Michele go to the movies, now that's a MANDATE!

SEERofZOG said...

All this for a "vaccine" that (1) doesn't stop you from GETTING Covid and (2) doesn't stop you from SPREADING Covid and (3) probably makes you MORE susceptible to Covid. But it does make some people very, very wealthy, which is the important thing!

Follow the science! Our doltish "leaders" have not followed it for even one second during this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Defund the police in action. The idea is to get rid of people via mandates.
Will see what happens next.

Anonymous said...


SEERofZOG said...

From a wise person on the interwebs, based on massive data from Sweden:

the simple fact is this: rushing vaccines of a brand new type never before used in humans (but known to be problematic in animals) was always a deeply bad idea.

we had no idea how this was going to play out.

the trials were short and rigged to mask fade and side effects while overstating efficacy. VE was used instead of absolute risk reduction, and cost/benefit was not even considered.

> the immunity was supposed to be sterilizing. it’s not.

> the effects were supposed to be strong. they aren’t.

> the efficacy was supposed to be durable. it isn’t.

> they were supposed to protect the most vulnerable. but that’s who they work least well on.

and yet the one note flute of public health keeps pushing and mandating them despite all these new learnings that run counter to all the assumptions they made when proposing this policy.

the CDC told us it would stop spread.

getting probably the most important salient of all totally wrong really ought to lead to a policy reassessment, not a doubling down.

and the adverse events are FAR in excess of any other vaccines approved in FDA history.

having called this safe should lead to a massive search for what else you missed.

is there even a cessation condition here? is there any data that would lead the FDA to rethink or the politicians and health agencies to stop these programs?

because it looks to me like “more boosters!” is the answer to every question.

that’s not the sign of evidence based medicine.

that’s the sign of a cult.

Anonymous said...

Follow the science! Our doltish "leaders" have not followed it for even one second during this fiasco.

Covid "science"= the Lysenkoism of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Sick Out!

Anonymous said...

My parents are in their 70's and they hate that the mafia government has destroyed so many people's lives over a virus that mostly only effects their age demographic. Businesses have closed down and young, healthy people are happily sitting at home on their asses collecting money from their daddy government.

Anonymous said...

You should be happy. Lots of money saved when all these socialists resign because they were brainwashed to fear a little jab. Let's see how bad it gets.
Lets see this "armageddon" we're facing over the city employee Covid mandate.

Less police officers sitting in their cars staring at their phones. Not bad.

Less firefighters. Probably just the older fatter ones who get little exercise watching Fox news day in day out. They got their 20 years in, they can quit and get a another job. They can be replaced by younger fitter ones.

Garbage on the street? Again, it's going to be the older sanitation workers, ones with their guaranteed pension who will quit. They can be replaced by younger fitter workers.

Armageddon my rear end! Storm in a teacup with the Right Wing Karen class.

Anonymous said...

@ Lots of money saved when all these socialists resign because they were brainwashed to fear a little jab.

Fear? Maybe Bidet Turd should next mandate beheadings, starting with you.
You are a useless eater anyway, who cares?

Anonymous said...

@Lets see this "armageddon" we're facing over the city employee Covid mandate.

Armageddon will start when crimes against humanity charges will be filed against those with the Covid mandates (dictates really).

Captain Al said...

Trying to eradicate the COVID-19 virus is very important for maintaining public health. My wife and I were both vaccinated as soon as we were eligible. Public health is an important part of our overall safety. It isn't the only part...or even the most important part.

Is reducing the number of Sanitation People going to be good for Public health? Not when garbage begins to pile up and vermin begin their takeover of our neighborhoods!

What about us being kept safe from the ravages of fire? How about being protected from criminals? Aren't those things also important? Would the overall safety of the citizens be improved when it takes longer for ambulances or fire units to respond? (please see attached video) Does anyone think that when the NYPD becomes overwhelmed and reports of crimes in progress go unanswered people will be safer? I don't.

If everything in life involves compromise....and it does. It may be time for cooler heads to prevail. All New Yorkers need to avoid a needless 'gun down at the OK Corral' moment. I am hoping that the City Council and/or the State Legislature will overturn the Mayor's vaccine mandate and return to the testing protocol that has been used effectively up until now. The safety of all New Yorkers depends upon it.

A short increase in the response time of FDNY units is very consequential! "Modern" rooms burn both faster and hotter!
Legacy Room VS Modern Room - YouTube

Anonymous said...

@Trying to eradicate the COVID-19 virus is very important for maintaining public health.

So was eradicating cancer and a slew of other diseases. After trillions of dollars nothing was eradicated, but the trust of the average person.
A virus with an average kill rate of 0.030% is not a public health crisis no matter who is spinning what. If we had a functioning legal system, Fauci, his handlers and a few other select psychopath would be in front of a court explaining the reason for "gain of function" research. Like in bio weapons. While at it, Fauci can also explain a few things about AIDS.
Lastly the CDC, NIH, FDA and Fauci are not the Lords of Science.

NYC is being purposely destroyed by crazed political hacks for the Build Back Better globalist agenda.

Anonymous said...

Maintaining public health????

What a joke.

SEERofZOG said...

"Trying to eradicate the COVID-19 virus is very important for maintaining public health."

First, you will never, ever "eradicate" it. It was man-made (thanks, Fauci!) and is now here to stay, forever.

Second, it isn't even especially dangerous. Had we not had the hysteria, lockdowns, etc. and just gone about life as normal, you would never even have known anything different was going on.

Anonymous said...

@" It was man-made (thanks, Fauci!) "

So you are trying to imply that Dr. Fauci made it? SeerOfTotalBullshitZOG, where do you get this from? Twitter Twits? YouTube, InfoWars, Q-Anon, ?

You really are an example of how the education system has failed in this country. Or else you grew up in the city during the time of lead in the gasoline. That would explain a lot of issues people like you and other Trumpanzees have.

Well, at least the education system is improving. Cant' do much about the lead in your brain though,

SEERofZOG said...

"So you are trying to imply that Dr. Fauci made it?"

Fauci funded the gain of function research that created the Covid virus, yes. You never know anything about anything, yet you think you know it all. What's it like to be so completely ignorant, and proud about it?

Anonymous said...

@So you are trying to imply that Dr. Fauci made it?

You cannot read? Maybe you should ask someone to read it for you.
Talking about the education system while you got brain dead from all the mercury big pharma got in you since your birth is really something.
Like asking Robert Byrd to direct the documentary about the KKK.
This is how fucked up you are commie.

As for thanks to Fauci, plenty of documents, emails, receipts show his lovely collusion with the rest of the scumbags.
He kind of disappeared lately. Wonder why.
Lying to Congress maybe about the gain of function (bio weapon)?
Stop quoting conspiracy crap, read the readily available documents, is not that hard,
Save the Trumpanzee shit for his voters, he had a big hand in the vaccine crap.
Now crawl back to your cave and watch the Flinstones, that's your level.

Anonymous said...


This loser is the commie TA provocateur.
He is functioning via talking points, propaganda and personal attacks.
Knowledge ZERO.

Anonymous said...


I got a bridge to sell you. It’s a good price, maybe the greatest price.

Anonymous said...

Testifying before Congress this summer, Fauci vigorously denied allegations that this type of research was taking place. However, last month, the NIH admitted that a “limited experiment” had been carried out at Wuhan to see if “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.” Those revelations led Senator Rand Paul, who previously grilled Fauci during his congressional testimony, to call for a criminal investigation against the medical administrator.
It was Fauci, according to Navarro’s account, who “went behind the back of the Trump White House in 2017 to lift the ban on dangerous gain of function experiments.”

NIH admission:

SARS-CoV-2 and NIAID-supported Bat Coronavirus Research

Anonymous said...

@I got a bridge to sell you. It’s a good price, maybe the greatest price.

You couldn't sell water in Sahara you TA freak.