Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Queens is burning: Inferno disembowels house in South Richmond Hill



Impunity City 






SeerofZog said...

Another dump owned by enterprising immigrants! Diversity is our strength! No doubt somebody set it on fire heating up a curry over a sterno can, or whatever clever idea our delightful third-world invasion class have.

Invite the third world, become the third world. It's an iron law of nature. And things are getting much, much worse now that Sloppy Joe has sprung the borders wide open (and no rona shots required if you're illegal!).

Anonymous said...

@"Another dump owned by enterprising immigrants! "

Who are you? Chief Big Mouth of the Iroquois nation?

Anonymous said...

I won't be convinced until we see ARRESTS.

Anonymous said...

Who are you? Chief Big Mouth of the Iroquois nation?
No, we can quietly say that for generations these were good homes filled with solid people that took pride and valued their little bit of NYC.

You cannot say that today if you drive through and then look at those pictures from 100 years ago. There IS a difference. Big Time.

You might muzzle a mouth, but you can never blind a mind.

Anonymous said...

I have never been more disappointed in America until the Obama/Biden Presidency!
Been down hill since!

that prove me wrong guy said...

Nope it has been straight downhill since poppy bush ... Prove me wrong!!