Sunday, March 22, 2020

St. John's is having an outbreak open house sale


Impunity City

Recent available testing for COVID-19 has revealed that over 10,000 people were infected with the disease in just the past week. It also brought upon a general moment of clarity and surely an everlasting fury regarding New York City’s stunning low amount of hospitals to house and care for everyone that will test positive for the disease and certainly for the amount of people that are going through the worst of it.

As the NY Post reported last week when Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio were apoplectic about the low amount of beds that will take for the dramatic rise of cases that have just unfolded over the weekend.

Now everyone pretty much knows that the reason why New York City is was grossly, criminally unprepared for this outbreak; because a lot of them went broke and the state and the city not only didn’t adequately fund them but actually enabled their closings with budget cuts and chummy pay to play land deals which led to crucial health care services getting terminated and replaced with high-end condo towers and housing. Even the rats that burrow in the lots during the nascent stages of development even know this.

A grand example of this devastation and deprivation resulting in this harried urgency to save thousands of lives is the notorious closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, Manhattan which was the biggest MASH unit on 9/11/2001- the previous greatest attack on the U.S.A. this century. What remains of St. Vincent’s now is ultra-luxury condominiums, even though it still looks like a hospital.

But what this post is going to focus on is the former St. Johns Hospital on Queens Boulevard, the boulevard of zombie development



Rob in Manhattan said...

"COVID-19 has infected over 10,000 people in less than a week."

No. We are seeing the result of -testing-.

As was revealed in Washington State this disease was lurking for some time before being detected -probably 4-6 weeks.

BBC reports dating back to mid-December should have made the U.S. prepare and might have blunted the current disaster.

When you have a "president" whose priorities are limited to obliterating his predecessor's accomplishments and making sure a "pen mark" doesn't show on TV, this is what happens.

Rob in Manhattan

JQ LLC said...

@Rob re: testing

You're right, I rewrote the post to correct that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This epidemic should be a wake up call to our dangerous open border/globalist mentality! Also, Dems block corona stimulus for those out of work due to virus. Goes to show how much they care about the American people! All yes "ALL" N.Y.C. public and private Hospitals that where sold or closed in the last Twenty plus years have happen under the NY Demorats. So go ahead and keep blaming POTUS 45 for your problems. I'm so glad I left the NYC third world shithole years ago.

kozel said...

At one time St. John's was named Horace Harding Hospital. My mom was a nurse there and I'm now in my 70's.

Anonymous said...

When you declare yourself a sanctuary city and your beloved disease-carrying illegal criminal invaders use the local hospitals as their family physician, overwhelming the ER and causing hours-long waits for citizens, hospitals go bankrupt and must close their doors. NYC has lost several smaller hospitals due to this and then vulture-like real estate developers swooped in to set up luxury condos in their stead. Now, when hospital beds are desperately needed, they aren't there. THIS is just one of the consequences of open borders and sanctuary cities. Look at the maps of COVID19 infection, and you will see that they closely coincide with sanctuary cities. What would you think would eventually happen when you let people into your city about whom we know nothing, except that they've broken our laws? Time to wake up, libtards.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...


I absolutely detest the 300% false, fake and monstrously failed leadership (that has never led by example) in New York State government. My once proud and independent, egalitarian city and state now resembles an abandoned movie set, devoid of life, freedom, autonomy, equity and vibrancy; it's all rapidly fading away into oblivion (exactly where BOTH the current mayor and governor belong——they DEVALUE honesty itself). I wouldn't trust anything that either of these tyrannical, government, cradle-to-grave, grandstanding, corporate obedient, political hacks (and, entrenched, establishment-rigged henchmen)——even if their tongues were notarized!

Andrew Cuomo (a/k/a Sonny 'CUOMIGULA') is jockeying for a position as Vice President in the upcoming presidential election (where the next President is going to be the SAME President ——the decision has already been made, given that TRUMP is ironically THE most progressive candidate, to date, versus the 'FAUX-gressive' platform of the DNC [Does Not Care - about democracy]), and, likewise Mayor Bill de Blasio is also looking for a cabinet seat in federal government [he won't get it because of his intense incompetence, but he is still banking on his fourth government pension, anyway]).

Meanwhile, Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi and State Senator Chuck Schumer have denied emergency funds for the oppressed rank and file, and small business community, offering instead an emergency, low interest loan to everyone! You heard that correctly, possums, but how about ZERO interest? The same interest that they didn't levy against ALL of the 'BANKSTERS' that the previous administration bailed out (repeatedly), and whose banking 'Empire-Racket' has been continuously bailed out since the days of the Keating Five, as Papa Bush pardoned those openly practicing criminals that defined the Savings & Loan scandal/fiasco of the 1980s, with impunity.

Frankly, the economy was already in free fall long before these new schemes were artificially engineered, in order to further destroy the remnants of a post capitalist economy. This latest attempt is just another, arrogant power grab for We, the People's assets in yet another 'false flag,' or a terrorist event whose culprit is obscured and/or falsified - and, being blamed on a virus.

This is their (the Government's) constant game: Control the narrative, and control the reaction to it so that the solution can be what their derelict and diabolical endgame was created all along, from the beginning. In THIS case, Martial Law, suspension of the Constitution, restrictions on movement and/or public gatherings (can't fight an evil and predatory government empire if one can't congregate——freedom to assemble), as well as mandatory vaccines (poison) to cull 6.5 billion human life forms.

I am sorry to be so cynical, possums, but cynicism, after all, is just a very unpleasant way of telling the truth, and in THIS filthy world (of propaganda lies, deniability and cover-ups), truth is always treason, in an empire of lies.

So correctly states my good friend and scholar, Ted Kachnowski:

❝Nasty PIG-losi didn't give two fucks when 'O-BOMB-YA' gave trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars to Wall-mart Street——and, not a SINGLE Wall Street 'BANKSTER' went to JAIL! WAKE THE FUCK UP, 'SHEEPLE': PIG-losi is halting American's designated paychecks for POLITICAL REASONS: She already knows that if everyone collects a check(s) while TRUMP is President, then her brain dead, senile and pedo/criminal, 'HIDIN'-BIDEN doesn't stand a chance at the presidency (which would automatically guarantee her OWN cradle-to-grave paycheck, and THAT of her entire DNC private corporate-CULT—would continue——IN PERPETUITY)!❞

Anonymous said...

Still wrong. It still says, “ that over 10,000 people were infected with the disease in less than a week”. @rob was pointing out people were likely infected prior to last week.

Anonymous said...

Comments attacking Trump show that Red Chinese apologists are trolling the Queens Crap blog.

Anonymous said...

Rob in Manhattan: Whose "president" off-shored all of our jobs and made it impossible to have immediate access to medical supplies? Why not stay local? Whose mayor gave away St. Vincent's, LIHosp, Rivington House, etc to "developers"? Whose mayor encouraged illegals to settle in our sanctuary city, exacerbating the housing crisis and now our health emergency?

Not to diminish the urgency of getting everyone proper medical care, but many of us out there suspect that this is a PLANDEMIC, conveniently released around the popping of the everything bubble to distract us from the eradication of cash, implementation of negative interest rates or worse. People who blame Trump for everything, including rainy days, come off as partisan simpletons. This is so much bigger than Trump or any one politician.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re:Red

Ok Joe McCarthy Jr.

Anonymous said...

It is bigger than Trump as it’s a pandemic and leaders like Trump, and others leaders have failed as leaders. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries have done an outstanding job.

Of course he should be blamed as he first called it a Democratic hoax. Then he took it seriously but wastes time lying where Dr. Fauci has to refute. How embarrassing it must be for a Trump supporter. Trump supporters can’t accept Trump is a con artist.

Cuomo has been criticized as self serving but he’s doing all the right things and saying the right things,

I give credit where it’s due. When Trump finally acts Presidential and puts the American people first, I’ll be the first the applaud him.

Anonymous said...

"It is bigger than Trump as it’s a pandemic and leaders like Trump, and others leaders have failed as leaders."

Meanwhile back in reality: Death toll today in the US is: 582

Yet liberals crapping their pants somehow see this as the End of Times.
Newsflash, if this virus was as deadly as first stated, it would have killed millions.
This is not to understate the severity of the virus in those who are elderly or has immune system problems, but the reality as we are seeing it is that the death toll is far below Seasonal Flu (which numbers somewhere between 23,000-59,000 Americans this season.

Face facts, you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to Trump's leadership.
The single action of closing the borders to China on Jan. 31st was the turning point in this battle, and Trump gets credit.
The new battle will be against Liberal hysteria as we try to get this nation back to work before the economy is damaged beyond repair.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Thank You Harry !
This Virus Outbreak should not be about politics !
Are we not all on the same team ? The only thing we are sure of is that we had to act.
These Liberals are bayonetting their own team in the heat of the battle !
My Gut tells me Trumps policy pattern will be proven to be coreect after this is over.