Friday, March 20, 2020

New York locked down

NY Post

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday ordered the Empire State to shut down and asked local businesses and manufactures to step up as officials mounted a desperate struggle to slow the corona­virus pandemic.

“I want to be able to say to the people of New York — I did everything we could do,” Cuomo told reporters at the state Capitol. “And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

The restrictions take effect Sunday night at 8 p.m. and will shut down all nonessential businesses across the state, leaving just grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential operations open. All non-solitary outside activities, like basketball and other team sports are also banned.

The lockdown also requires all nonessential government and private-sector employees to work from home.

Cuomo said the MTA will continue to run city subways, buses and Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains. The agency announced Friday it will allow backdoor boarding on local buses beginning Monday to help protect bus drivers from exposure.

“We have to do it, we have to be serious,” Cuomo said.

“Everyone has personal freedom, and everyone has personal liberty, and I’ll always protect that,” he added. “But everyone also has a responsibility to everyone else.”

Laundromats and gas stations will be allowed to remain open, as will liquor stores and restaurants for take-out and delivery service only.

Doctors’ and veterinarians’ offices can remain open, too.



Anonymous said...

What about auto repair shops ?
Ones that don't sell gas and dealer repair shops ?

Anonymous said...

The rubber glove on the street is very telling. Here near Queens Hospital Center there are rubber gloves on the streets and sidewalks as well as discarded face masks. Can the Powers That Be start telling people how stupid they are? I am sure telling them to discard these properly will fall on deaf ears ... just as people think refuse is to be tossed from their cars into the streets.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, it is now much quieter, with very few planes now flying over our high-rise building.

Anonymous said...

California, New Yawk, and Illinois are shut down. Gee why is that? All three Democrat super majority states, all three have large immigrant populations, many of whom do not understand the concept of basic hygiene and are unable to follow direction from authorities. All three are over developed and have their populations tightly packed in small spaces in and around their major cities. Gee I wonder why people cannot understand the obvious.
I have seen personally how many nice middle class areas look like third world ghettos with the new inhabitants. Many do not understand English and think their phone is worth more than a bar of soap. Anyone longtime New Yorker who has not left this craphole city, well get out...yeah get the hell out of here!!!

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re:glove

And like the masks, they hardly work. In fact, if you are not a doctor and are wearing them full time or on the job, it might exacerbate the contagion.

Emma Lazurus . . .not said...

Which Wuhan Chinese virus U.S. locales have the biggest loudmouths who spew their hatred of the work of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (aka ICE)? NYS & NYC hospitals are being overrun with illegals. You get sick, dear American citizen, pray there's a ventilator for you and not illegal Jose and Loo Chingwing sneezing and wheezing ahead of you on line.

Sanctuary cities. See where we are now?

Anonymous said...

Elon Musk is making ventilators and he will get that job done.
My cousins in the National Guard and was briefed.
The army will likely be setting up and running field hospitals, field food distributions and field morgues.
No amount of doctors exist to handle this.
The city death rate could peak at 20-40 people per hour.

If things get out of hand the army can also be used on civilians to keep order if a certain type of emergency is declared.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo’s sanctuary state and Debozos sanctuary city are what’s driving this virus out of control. Our hospitals are packed with illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dems can put a tax on rubber beloved. Then people won’t discard them on the streets.

Ogcle said...

Regarding the gloves (thank you for pointing this out)- yes, used gloves are replacing used condoms and urine-filled Poland spring bottles as Queens’ most commonly littered items. People care about hygienic practices to the extent that they wear useless and gloves, but they have no compunction when it comes to littering these and other soiled/contaminated things.

Joe said...

And like the masks, they hardly work, they become worse soggy petri dishes.
Good to stop your spit and speech particles for a short time but that's about it
Need to form fit the face with an air tight seal and a check valve (exhaust flap) so when you breath out it exhausts through the check valve otherwise you just have a soggy petri dish in no time.
Intake & filtering is through the mask fiber on inhales flow keeps on direction. What sticks to the mask stays on the mask.
This is also known as a ventilator mask and good luck finding one.

You need to make a mold of your face that can fit paper or HEPA filter material then devise some kind of flap for a check valve.

I'm thinking maybe coat hanger wire, glue gun, paper (diaper, tampon material, Hepa, anything with pores micron or less), rubber bands, cut up a bicycles inner tube and garden hose gasket to make check valves.
It may come down to this, I refuse to rely on the government or cops for anything and that means ANYTHING !.

Anyone, doctors know for sure the size of corona virus, 2 microns ?
I hear its a very large bug, sticky with protein barbs and heavy


Anonymous said...

Singapore and the other successful Asian models responded with the standard epidemiological tool kit: vigilance and rapid response, testing, isolating the sick.