Monday, March 30, 2020

A COVID-19 field hospital grows in Central Park

Volunteer workers could be seen in Central Park on Sunday erecting tents for an emergency field hospital to treat COVID-19 patients, providing another grim visual reminder of the severity of the coronavirus crisis in NYC. The tents are being assembled in the East Meadow by international Christian relief organization Samaritan's Purse, to serve overflow from Mount Sinai hospital.

The Central Park field hospital will consist of 68 beds specially equipped with respiratory care, powered by generators. The first patients are expected to come from Mount Sinai Brooklyn and Mount Sinai Queens, according to a press release on Samaritan's Purse's website.

This looks like the opening credits scene from M*A*S*H*



Anonymous said...

This is one of the most egregious examples of mayoral incompetence.
How do you put a temporary hospital in Central Park, on wet grass (soon to be mud from vehicles driving on it), without hookups to water, sewer, electricity or gas?
Why not place it on a blacktopped ballfield, playground or parking lot that is close to the necessities and easily accessible by ambulances without them getting stuck in mud?
There is no cure for mayoral stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I prefer my hospitals inaccessible by drunks with a box cutter

Rob in Manhattan said...

Nonsense. This is just another Democratic "hoax" to damage our "fearless leader".

1-20-21 The end of an error.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Cuomo was hiding and hoarding the federal supplies like ventilators. Shades of San Juan, Puerto Rico's mayor.
Rob get back on your meds !

Anonymous said...

@Rob in Manhattan said...

Trolling ...

Cav said...

Yeah but M*A*S*H hospital tents had patients in them.

So will this cold and flu season starring COVID-19 top the 2012-2013 season with 56,000 deaths or maybe someone should have recalculated the R0 number when more reliable data outside of China came along.

Then maybe my memory isn't what it ought to be but I don't recall tent hospitals being put up in 2012-2013 and with 56,000 casualties there must have been a few people in the hospital. Or how many more people hospitalized this year compared to other CDC classified moderately severe to severe cold and flu seasons. Funny how that number isn't being blared across the headlines along with the worst evah pandemic zombie apocalypse doomsday scenarios that usually pegs the needle of my bullshitometer.

However, let's not notice that almost 90% of the hospitalizations and deaths are people 65 years old and older, another 9% or so of other age groups with prior health problems with about 1% or so from 10 years old and up with no prior health problems. Just like any other flu season.

But so far, we have about 900 to 1000 people in the hospital in serious or critical condition and if the U.S. holds to world averages, 95% of corona virus cases are mild to moderate. No word on how many tested in NY are asymptomatic, how accurate the test is or how much of a windfall profit the test kit manufacturer is getting. Now why wouldn't our glorious leaders share this information? Just do as you're fucking told by your betters and do not ask impertinent questions, you filthy peasants.

And no, Mitch, I'm not an epidemiologist but I can read a column of numbers just fine and can tell the difference between data, hiding behind argumentum ad verecundiam and hysterical hand waving instead of facts.

The question now is shutting down the city, getting people laid off from work and putting small businesses out of business really necessary? This wasn't even done during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Is the cure worse than the disease and is giving our politicians the power to declare a soft martial law for whatever they deem an emergency by any stretched definition of the word and without question really a good idea?

However, I digress.

So getting back to the M*A*S*H thing, maybe white is a good color for what may well be a ghost hospital but I could be wrong. OK, I'm not omniscient nor am I always right. Maybe I am too cynical and it's truly worse than I think. Time will tell.

Donald Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

R's 1-20-21 fantasy will never come true !

This November people will vote for their saftey not social issues like this one:

"California Law Reduces Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Someone to HIV
LGBTQ advocates called the legislation “landmark !"

Communicable diseases will stigmatize people and the borders will be closed.

Anonymous said...

Samaritan's Purse is an evangelical Christian aid organization. So if you're LGBT, have had an abortion or living with an opposite sex partner and unmarried: they'd rather you seek help elsewhere.

JQ LLC said...

@CAV and everyone on Queens Crapper

Did you all see what the Empire State Building just did?

@Anon re: Samaritan's

I wonder if there will be Christian bouncers in front.

And this is located by the Sanai hospitals on the Upper east side.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Yeah but M*A*S*H hospital tents had patients in them."
This is one of the most advanced city's in the universe and placing a holding hospital here is a joke.

"And this is located by the Sanai hospitals on the Upper east side."
On Madison Ave. between 103 and 104th streets is a huge playground running the whole block. There is also a parking lot on 103rd. Both are blacktopped and right on top of Mt. Sinai.
Either would be more suitable for a temp hospital. But I guess they don't have the 'Star' power of a Central park even though they are much better suited and situated.

Anonymous said...

The non-believing liberals in this country have rationalized “killing” babies to be socially acceptable ! Over 99% of Planned Parenthood abortions are elective, and not life-threatening to the pregnant woman. Go watch some TV ads showing abandoned cats and dogs and asking for $2 a month donations and let the babies die !

Rob in Manhattan said...

What doubters are missing, often with political intent is the rapid curve and, here in the city, the death rate.

As I type this NYC has a 2.4% death rate. That is likely to moderate a bit with added testing. However, it is high historically.

The other problem is the accelerating curve of infection leading to hospitalization.

Normal seasonal virus infection rate are calculated over a 24-month period. This one is moving much faster. Again, some of this is accounted for by an increase in testing, but this doesn’t explain the death and hospitalization rate.

We are seeing daily reports of experienced nurses and doctors who state they’ve never seen anything like this. For me, that is the most disturbing point.

As for the federal adm and our sadly inadequate president, his weeks of delays, and ridicule of this as just a “hoax” is all a part of the public record.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Rob "Rachel Maddow" lay off the #TDS it's getting old !

Anonymous said...

Can always count on some here to post inane virtue signaling.
They always have to post about their permanent cultural wars against conservatives
They need to look into their own souls.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi : we impeached Trump
Trump : I’m busy with virus
Senate : not guilty
Pelosi : Trump caused virus deaths
Voters : we will crawl through broken glass to vote for Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

A smart man once said “it comes from Chi-na”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As for the federal and and our sadly inadequate president, his weeks of delays, and ridicule of this as just a “hoax” is all a part of the public record.
The cause for this is local government for encouraging a large number of 3rd world types to drop off the radar, untouchable street people to be in our face, and divert all our resources to building a base for the Democratic Party by stripping support for the common good as removing those potential infection sources or stockpiling adequate resources.

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before we are in a crisis. Everyone knew that Trump was, well Trump. So what did they do? Waste time and money attacking Trump and doing nothing else, like preparing for this. If they did their work, replacing Trump would be a cakewalk. They did jockey things to get Biden as their man. Gee, that was a smart move.

Now Trump will be elected in a Roman Triumph. And we can thank the inept Dems.

Anonymous said...

"Thank the inept Dems." and the fake media !
Thank them by voting them out !

Rob in Manhattan said...

"Now Trump will be elected in a Roman Triumph. And we can thank the inept Dems. "

Whomever wrote this tripe ought to pass that pipe around.

I heard a segment of his press briefing this evening. A "reporter" asked if the impeachment had distracted him from focusing on the pandemic.

of course not. He didn't even know it was happening. When he found out about it, was all a plot against him.

He gave the usual self-congratulatory crap and went on for over five minutes and came back to how excellently --he-- has handled it along with the usual "so many have said how great I'm doing....."

These and all the other attempts to lie right in our faces are public record as are his denials and ineptness. And they'll be on him this fall.

If nothing else good comes out of this awful year, the end of having to see this sick mess of a man on TV will be enough.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Here's some good news, despite the non-stop panic from liberals/democrats looking to capitalize on this pandemic:

-The rate of hospitalizations in New York has decreased considerably. Governor Cuomo pointed that out yesterday and the day before at his press conference.

-The daily death rate has decelerated and is seems to be following a shallow curve. Not sure why everyone is projecting a steep increase and acceleration in death when the case number increase has also been leveling off.

-The total number of fatalities from Coronavirus is at 3,867 in total across the entire nation, with NY making up about 34%.
Compare that to the number of Seasonal Flu deaths in the US this season at 24,000 fatalities.

So if New York, with the largest population center in the country and the area of largest Covid-19 outbreak in the nation, is on a stabilizing trend why is everyone predicting doom?
You don't have to take my word for it; just listen to the 2013 Nobel Prize winning Bio-physicist:

If the Nobel Prize winner is correct,
President Trump will win in November, because no matter how much the liberals/dems want to say he didn't act. The proof will be in the coordinated response he initiated and the relatively low death toll from a virus which China failed to contain.
The same Chinese government which the liberals were praising and continue to praise for their "leadership"

My prediction, when all this is examined after the fact, is that they will find out that the virus was here well before March. Testing will show that a large percentage of the city was already infected before the official March 1st date.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

@Rob “CNN” in Manhattan, I love reading how POTUS 45 rents space in your Head !

Anonymous said...

"Whomever wrote this tripe ought to pass that pipe around."
OK Zoomer !

Anonymous said...

Always good numbers Harry, but if the CVFlu can kill the booming economy, that's all it will take to defeat Trump in November. Never believe statistics when it come to politics. UPI and AP had Hillary winning by a big margin as late as the last week in October 2016. But always believe the economy and Wall Street. Or go with the odds givers in Vegas. Still more accurate that the press.

Rob in Manhattan said...

If the accounts of experienced medical professionals isn't enough to begin to separate the facts from the bullshit and attempts to defend the current administration, take a look at this running account:

Thus-far were hover at 2.5-2.6% death rate nationally. Hopefully, that percentage will come down with more data points. Right now that places it in the "historic" range.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Rob in Manhattan, I'm not sure I should tell you this but I'm going to vote for Trump AGAIN for another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

"Rob in Manhattan, I'm not sure I should tell you this but I'm going to vote for Trump AGAIN for another 4 years." And 4 years after that POTUS 46 Donald Trump Jr 2024 !

Anonymous said...

@Rob in Manhattan, I'm not sure I should tell you this:
Seems the hysteria is at least partially working on you.