Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Elmhurst Hospital is at overcapacity and under supplied to handle the COVID-19 pandemic

New York Times


Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Jussie Smollett has contracted the coronavirus.
Sources say that two Asian males wearing MAGA hats coughed on him.

TommyR said...

I wrote Daniel Dromm about this, specifically why the City allowed banks to be bailed out in '09 but didn't step in to keep St John's (on the blvd, now an empty zombie condo) afloat. His reply:

"Dear [], You are exactly correct. Before I was elected, my predecessor, Council Member Helen Sears, who chaired the Sub Committee on Hospital Closures, tried unsuccessfully to save St. John's. Catholic Charities had determined that they could no longer run a hospital and incur such debt. You are correct that Mayor Bloomberg was of no help either. Since then, Queens has lost a large amount of beds. As you are probably aware, hospital closures and consolidation have had a negative impact on our communities. But no one expected a crisis like this. When President Trump abolished the office for pandemic crisis, it left us worse off than before. Finally, I have identified space that Elmhurst Hospital might be able to use. I am awaiting a reply. Unfortunately, this situation will get a lot worse before it gets better. We must stay vigilant and learn from this crisis. Thanks, again, for writing. Sincerely, Danny Dromm PS - Three of my siblings were born in St. John's when it was called Horace Harding Hospital."

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take my dog to Elmhurst Hopital.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we didn't have our supply chines hundreds of miles away, NO medical manufacturing and lets face it ever since the whole open borders/sanctuary cities happened everything is stretch thin!