Saturday, March 28, 2020

Governor Cuomo calls the Army to build a hospital at Aqueduct 
 Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for a 100,000-square-foot temporary hospital to be built at the site of Queens Aqueduct Racetrack.

The governor is working to increase hospital capacity as the number of cases of coronavirus continues to increase across the state. There are now more than 44,000 cases statewide, Cuomo said today, and 25,573 cases across the five boroughs — as of 8:30 a.m. this morning.

“With COVID-19 spreading quickly, our number one priority is expanding hospital capacity,” Cuomo said on Twitter.

The governor will ask President Donald Trump to authorize the Army Corps of Engineers to build the temporary facility at the Aqueduct today, he said.

The state’s normal hospital capacity is 53,000 beds and needs to get to about 140,000 beds at the apex of the coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to hit in about 21 days.

The Aqueduct, along with an additional hospital site being scouted in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, would add another 4,000 beds to the state’s capacity.

Cuomo said he wanted each borough to have its own overflow facility. Manhattan was the first borough to get a temporary 1,000-bed hospital inside the Jacob Javits Center, where the governor delivered his daily press briefing today.

 If President Trump gives the go-ahead, construction should take around 10 days, Cuomo said.


Anonymous said...

The casino/racetrack has a history of letting its facilities be used for disaster-related purposes.

Anonymous said...

In fact, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently said that, 'New York State is basically bankrupt.'

REALLY, Gov? Now, could it BE that New York State is that way because of YOU (and, all of the 'OTHER' DemonRat scourges), all of whom gave free ANYTHING to illegal aliens (over which everyone else who pays obscene state taxes, continually pays the ULTIMATE price), and then this phantom public servant declared that these illegals were all entitled to We, the People's benefits - DESPITE that they don't pay taxes?

Further, Cuomo already HAD New York State $6.1 Billion in the red - BEFORE Coronavirus ever arrived - so, let's not blame TRUMP. But, watch what happens next: 'CUOMIGULA' will automatically raise taxes to force another mass exodus of the poor and middle class to take flight, instead of fight Sonny's, I mean Andrew's insane, 'Taxation WITHOUT Representation' bureaucracy, where RIGHT is always WRONG, and WRONG is always RIGHT!

Tragically, this 'pug ugly' criminal has ALWAYS DEVALUED honesty itself - along with the entire 'CUOMIGULA' crime family trio, all of which has ALWAYS embodied a never-ending crime wave of epic government fail. And, for Christ sake: Return the TAPPAN ZEE Bridge to its namesake origins, and STOP foisting all 300% fake praise on your low level mob boss, demon seed of a father, Super Mario Hustler. The WHOLE shabby, Cuomo sideshow is a disgrace that further degrades our once proud, strong, egalitarian State of New York with a vengeful impunity that remains unprecedented, to date!

"We hang the petty thieves and elect the great ones to public office." --Aesop


Anonymous said...

Another thread killer....

Anonymous said...

I heard Citi Field parking lot will be used for triage.Is that true?

Anonymous said...

To First Anonymous:

The Racino (Aqueduct Foreign Gambling Mill/Racetrack) is a man made disaster ITSELF (of 'NAKED GREED,'cognitive dissonance and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD] - three forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure)!

Great job, Governor Cuomo AND shithead Joe Addabbo, Jr. (even your late father was a government payroll crook: Like father, like son; likewise Sonny Cuomo and Papa Mario). Gambling is regressive and cannibalistic. If a foreign gambling racket operation was your working model for jobs, growth, development and self-actualization - then, you did it ALL wrong.

And, South Ozone Park never looked more blighted and shabbier (zero curb appeal shacks that make even the REAL Third World look more visually accommodating and appealing) - exactly like the gangster-thug politicians (not public servants), all of whom pimped themselves out to corporations, REBNY and foreign interests that continually decay and erode QUEENS County with impunity (and, faster than ever before).