Saturday, March 14, 2020

A percentage of babies born in the city wind up homeless in Cuomo's and de Blasio's New York

NY Daily News

One out of a hundred New York City newborns last year went “home” from the hospital to a homeless shelter, a heartbreaking new analysis by the Coalition for the Homeless revealed.

The group’s annual report, to be released Wednesday, lays blame for that and scores of other sobering statistics squarely at the feet of the two most powerful men in New York — Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.

“New York City’s homelessness crisis will not improve until Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio treat homelessness like the urgent humanitarian crisis it is and acknowledge that it is fueled by the massive lack of affordable housing," said Giselle Routhier, the coalition’s policy director.

Aside from infants, the hardest hit by the homelessness crisis in recent years are the elderly, blacks and Hispanics, according to the report.

De Blasio has made the problem worse through a policy that “exacerbates" a housing market divided between the rich and poor and that creates too many high-rent units and not enough that are affordable, the report says.

The coalition also blamed Cuomo for implementing “damaging cost-shifting practices" that lowered the amount of money the state put toward addressing homelessness, putting further financial stress on the city.

“Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo seem content with minimalist, symbolic and too-often harmful actions made under the pretense of attempting to manage the problem, rather than taking the substantive steps needed to solve it," the report states.


Anonymous said...

If someone is homeless with a child , they are given a hotel room with cooking facilities. Or there are meals provided.They are fast tracked to a housing subsidy- paid for by the tax payer - the incentive is to have yet another child - once they get an apartment they can get Welfare to pay any back rent.
Articles like the above are propaganda pieces.
It makes sense to me - if you can’t afford a child don’t have one. Why would any one make the decision to become pregnant if they are homeless? The city gives out free condoms and there are many places to get free condoms - it’s not like there isn’t extensive sex education in the schools.
Having a baby is a fast track to an apartment
These people are not going to get any mothers of the year award. I would say fathers but am sure they are MIA

Anonymous said...

Coronavirus is Made in China !

Unknown said...

Every incentive for the father to stay MIA

m66249 said...

Chuckie,Nancy and AOC say to blame the evil orange man

Anonymous said...

I thought NYC eliminated babies back in 1972!

Anonymous said...

Why is it a civil rights issue when blacks & Latinos are homeless but when whites become homeless somehow that’s okay?
Why are we supposed to be weeping for blacks & Latinos when they’re the ones who are affirmative actioned into civil service jobs?