Sunday, March 1, 2020

Ridgewood's late Happy Days store gives way to 7-story apartment building.


In January, the new owner of 17-11 Hancock St. — formerly Happy Days children’s clothing store — filed permits to build a seven-story residential building on the property.
The property was sold along with adjoining plots at 56-40/56-42 Myrtle Ave., near the M and L subway lines, for $9.3 million in November.
The proposed 70-foot-tall development will yield 60 units and 47,756 square feet — 39,673 of which is designated for residential space. The plans call for a 30-foot-long yard in the back of the building.
The owner on file, Leo Kaufman, listed the application under the Hancock Residence LLC. Over the past five years, Kaufman has developed two other small-scale apartment complexes nearby at 18 Stanhope St. and 79 Stanhope St. on the other side of the Bushwick border.


Anonymous said...

Not bad but three to four stories would have been high enough IMHO !

TommyR said...

Not the bad news, quite the opposite. I've driven by that location quite a few times. If a seven story building has to go up somewhere, better it be on Myrtle's commercial corridor than the side streets. The backyard space is nice to hear that.