Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mayor de Blasio stupidly breaks CDC protocol by wrongly advising woman about coronavirus

NY Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio directly contradicted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on Wednesday when he gave a woman who’d recently returned from coronavirus-ridden Italy bad advice on when to self-isolate.

Hizzoner dished out the dubious tip while fielding a call at a 311 center in Lower Manhattan, as reporters looked on.

“No symptoms of any kind?” de Blasio asked the unidentified caller, who had recently come back from a trip to Europe’s hardest-hit nation but not shown any signs of sickness. “If you experience any symptoms at any moment, at that time adjust your approach.

“The important thing is to really be sensitive that if anything changes at all stay home immediately.”
The CDC, however, advises that anyone returning stateside from Italy self-isolate for two weeks — regardless of whether they’re symptomatic.

“Stay home for 14 days from the time you left Italy and practice social distancing,” the agency writes on its website.

City Hall admitted de Blasio was wrong and said it had reached out to the caller to give her the right information, following an inquiry from The Post.

“The mayor misspoke,” spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein said. “If you return from Italy you should self-quarantine regardless of symptoms. We have made contact with the caller and clarified and the mayor will be issuing a clarification, as well.”


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be the first time for this guy. Being wrong and democrat is a sure fire way of getting elected in NYC.

Julie B. said...

Isn't anyone else worried that NYC is severely under reporting the count? This is the apocalypse. 10 Million people in NYC. Less than 100 cases? They keep mentioning the New Rochelle cases as if they lived in Brooklyn. Although I shouldn't be surprised there are no stats because no one is getting tested. Clean a subway car, 5 minutes later a homeless person takes a dump. People getting off flights into JFK and LAG like there's no tomorrow.

georgetheatheist said...

Big Bird (in the photo): "Come in Captain Video. Captain Video, can you read me? Over."

Anonymous said...

@Blogger Julie B. said... You/We can't handle the truth !

Anonymous said...

The caller claimed to have proof Trump killed Jeffrey Epstein and would trade the photos privately for 500 clean needles and a pound of meth.

georgetheatheist said...

BTW Let's get it straight: it's not the "corona" virus , it's the "WUHAN" virus.

Anonymous said...

NYP "He called for the “nationalization of factories that can produce the medical supplies we need.”
de Blasio A True Commie reveals his color Red !