Thursday, March 26, 2020

NYPD is not being transparent enough to cops about the growing cases sickened by the virus in the department

Officers are furious that the NYPD isn’t even telling its own members about who has tested positive for coronavirus.
NY Post

Officers are furious that the NYPD isn’t even telling its own members about who has tested positive for coronavirus — with cops in one precinct only finding out their bosses were out sick when they read it in The Post.

“You shouldn’t have to find out through the news,” one police source said, complaining about officers in Lower Manhattan’s 1st Precinct not being told about the positive case and sick cops last week.

“Their bosses went out sick and they didn’t even tell them. If there are 31 cops out sick in a precinct with 500 cops, there’s a lot more who are infected. They all have contact with their supervisors.”

More than 3,200 cops were home ill Wednesday — more than three times the average number for this time of year — according to Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, who said the number of confirmed cases also ticked up but did not provide a number. Shea said Tuesday evening that 211 members of the NYPD had contracted COVID-19.

As the virus spreads through the force, police sources told The Post the only way cops are finding out about positive cases is when sick cops personally reach out.

But even then, sources said, they aren’t getting tested — despite working in close quarters and continued public interactions, which could cause further spread as health officials have ordered social distancing.

“Guys have pregnant wives and older parents at home. You can test a basketball team … you should be able to test the NYPD and the FDNY,” one source said.


Anonymous said...

I am a nurse in a NYC hospital. Staff cannot be tested- if all staff members were tested, a great number would test positive and be sent home go quarantine for 2+ weeks, and the hospital would be in crisis. I suspect NYPD will not test all their cops for the same reason (another reason: there just are not enough testing kits available). Yes, this is USA 2020... “it’s the end of the world and I know it, but I feel fine” cough cough

Anonymous said...

Hey, when you don't see the guy show up for work for a couple days give him a call find out what's happening hey two plus two equals four

Anonymous said...

NYPD- reptiallian secretive savages

Anonymous said...

This guy looks like the poster child for Caronavirus.