Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Security guards fear contracting coronavirus in homeless shelters

 NY Post

New York City’s homeless shelters have become “breeding grounds” for the coronavirus because of a lack of protective gear and sanitary procedures, claims the head of the union representing shelter security guards.

“I believe the shelters have become breeding grounds for the coronavirus,” Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237 told The Post.

“The security officers have been given no masks, no gloves, no nothing.”

He said some of the 58,000 homeless individuals who seek shelter are ill and have compromised immune systems.

Floyd said he decided to go public after hearing complaints from officers at the shelters. His members patrol 41 shelters.

For example, three clients at Pam’s Place, a shelter for women in Long Island City, were ill and coughing on Sunday, seeking medical attention.

Security officers accompanied them in the shelter’s lobby after calling EMS — without the protection of face masks.

“They’re coughing. They’re not wearing masks. We don’t have masks,” a security source at the shelter, who requested anonymity, said.

“We’re sitting ducks.”

A person who identified herself as the shelter’s director of social services declined comment and referred questions to the city Department of Homeless Services.


Anonymous said...

How about pictures of homeless sprawled across the seats and floors of subway cars filled with morning commuters.But lets take the broader picture - how about Mexico doing almost nothing preparing their country for the inevitable.

All things to think about as our investments head south, our jobs (and paychecks) vanish, and we sit in our domiciles day after day when government policies outlined in the previous sentences make our sacrifice pointless.

Hey, we have electeds. You know, the people that are filling our inboxes this past election cycle with exciting news on topics of interest (not). Maybe, just maybe, someone will send us a message about these issues. The real issues.

Anonymous said...

Yep Anon one. For some reason we are supposed to think these career politicians have our best interests in mind.

You know the ones who think open borders are a good idea, sanctuary cities That no bail is a good idea, hell even not aresting people is good idea. The same dick heads who see no problem with letting people piss on the street. Let thousands live in their own filth on the street. And now they are concerned about my health??? Yeah right!!

Granny Clampett said...

While we are being told to be afraid - very afraid - if this virus- flu - who’s paying attention to what’s happening to the economy?!
Look behind the hysteria & smoke screen
The bar/restaurant/church closings are hogwash!
It’s so we are focused on this illness only

Anonymous said...

Previous poster - you describe people whose needs are covered by a host of workers that make the core of the party faithful.

You are describing job opportunities for people with little education but will show up every day to collect a check as they fill in forms that document an endless record of meals ladled out with spoon feed vittles or beds for the indigent, or paperwork and make work for a made up problems from open boarders and the free range mentally ill.

You describe programs that will get generous funding with no solutions as it is not to help the state, but to build the party.

Anonymous said...

Fire them.