Monday, March 23, 2020

It's only March, but this is the worst and most dangerous tweet of 2020

Update: Also from de Blasio's Health Commissioner

Shout out to White Rose for capturing this.


Anonymous said...

Urban,racial,bioterrorist,The Irish cancelled their parade out of patriotism,God forbid these muts had to live by our laws.

Rob In Manhattan said...

Look at the date Feb 9th. At that point "fearless leader" was just beginning to wake up to it by calling it a 'hoax" -of course designed around defeating him in November.

In truth, most people hadn't even heard of this virus till mid-March.

Once again for the slow ones in our midst:

Likely done out of petty spite for his predecessor.

Had this not been done we would have had a heads-up -not that the Jackass would have acknowledged it.

Rob In Manhattan

JQ LLC said...


These are the same people that called the President a dangerous stupid man and a liar time and time again. They should have had better foresight and been more informed than he was.

These tweets exhibit complacency over preparedness and responsibility. It's really indefensible. As if the money de Blasio wasted on his wife's Thrive program wasn't enough. That could have bought a lot of masks, gloves and respirators and also his craven obeisance to his donors that led to more hospital shutdowns for luxury towers.

Anonymous said...

Bingo JQ !

Anonymous said...

Tweets ? Read this ...
"Madam Speaker. I hope you will like 30 percent Unemployment. Millions of Americans are going to be affected and your actions alongside of Chuck Schumer are beyond disgraceful. You spent two days negotiating on a bill that you knew that you were going to say no to. I thought that your so called impeachment process was bad enough, but nothing prepared me for your recent collusion alongside Senate Democrats to undermine American workers during an international crisis. I will not forgive or forget this course of action you are taking. As imperfect President Trump is, he is clearly leading. Today showed the whole world that you and Congressional Democrats are willing to play with the fears and careers of your Fellow Americans simply to undermine President Trump. As an Independent voter, I now fully intend to back Donald Trump for a second term as President of the United States. I wish you goodnight Madam Speaker. My prayers will be with you. Your going to need them !"
Zachary on Youtube

Anonymous said...

Democrats Just STABBED America In The Back Blocking Relief Bill TWICE With INSANE 1400 Page Counter !

Anonymous said...

"Calling it a 'hoax" Dogmatic thinking again ?
Trump really lives rent free in the some peoples heads.

Winston Smith said...

Masks don't work.
It's just like the flu.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
Diversity is our strength!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Sandpebbles.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio and Trump and other Governors and religious groups ignored the virus until it was too late. Trump is constantly back peddling and blaming the prior Administration.

Trump doesn’t live rent free in people’s head, he’s the President and is constantly on television spouting nonsense. The heroes are the Governors taking action along with the medical workers.