Sunday, March 15, 2020

There is no city plan to deal with the prospect of indefinite school closings during outbreak


NY Post

Mayor de Blasio admitted that the city doesn’t have an immediate backup plan if he closes the city’s public schools amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

“A variety of contingencies are being set up. They are far from perfect,” de Blasio said on CNN Sunday morning after a growing number of teachers, local elected officials and parents called for the closure.

“The difference between a functioning school system for over 1 million kids versus creating alternative centers for feeding or for the kids of health care workers, that kind of thing, if we got to that point we would improvise anything and everything,” de Blasio said.

“But it will not be by any means as good by definition as what we do every day when we have a functioning school system. But those contingencies are being built as we speak,” he said.

The plans are not complete even though de Blasio began to hold tabletop exercises with emergency management officials in January.
As of Sunday morning, the mayor wasn’t ready to make the call to shut down the school system.

“My blunt fear is if the schools shut down they will be done for the year, done for the school year maybe even for the calendar year. So I’m very reticent to shut down schools,” de Blasio said.


Theorem Ox said...

Moron Bozo must've never heard about the self-fulfilling prophecy.

If he shut down the schools (as well as other agencies that does not deal with life-threatening situations) earlier while the infection rates were relatively low, the city had a chance at keeping the infection rates low and possibly containing it. Schools could then re-open and continue until the end of the school year.

With all of the (non-existent) "leadership" from the city, state and federal governments seeing fit to act belatedly and ineffectually, it is likely only a matter of time before most of the city gets infected. With the infrastructure strained, it is guaranteed that the schools will be closed for a long time. Bozo doesn't need to bother officially closing the schools anymore - attrition will take care of everything for him!

Anonymous said...

How about closing the schools down now using all the school holidays and then send them to school through out the summer. If need be open the schools on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this whole thing just seems off to me and seems more like a coverup to me. But that's just my opinion and if you disagree then you're entitled to your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I live near a school and a good number of them are truant and usually found loitering in local stores and businesses. Its so bad the NYPD patrols the areas where the school kids congregate. I recall kids cutting class to eat out instead of the school lunch but usually they were not disruptive and just looking for some better food. These kids however are training to be criminals. Seen them walk into stores and harass people doing their jobs or minding their own business. Other times you cannot go into a store without them taking up space and hanging out with their buddies.
So what is the difference if school is closed or open? Honestly I think kids that are truant as much as what I have seen do not belong in the regular school system and need hard discipline.