Monday, March 2, 2020

Kosciuszko Bridge is not prepared for a terror attack and it's design was stolen according to lawsuit.

NY Post

A botched job of terror-proofing the new Kosciuszko Bridge has left its cables vulnerable to attack — and bumbling contractors even posted information online that all but provides a blueprint for would-be bombers, a blockbuster suit alleges.

Meanwhile, preventable “aggressive corrosion” of the shielding that’s supposed to protect the span’s 112 cables could cause them to break on their own — or send the metal-and-concrete armor tumbling onto the heavily trafficked overpass connecting Brooklyn and Queens, the court papers claim.
“These failings create a severe and imminent threat to public safety, the implications of which cannot be overstated,” according to the suit.

The alarming claims are part of a suit brought by Maryland-based armor manufacturing company Hardwire LLC alleging theft of trade secrets by its former vice president and program manager of bridge security, Irvin “Skip” Ebaugh IV.

The FBI has an active and ongoing criminal investigation into the alleged rip-off and Ebaugh’s work on the Kosciuszko or “K Bridge,” according to the suit Hardwire filed last month in Baltimore federal court.
The suit seeks more than $39.6 million in damages from Ebaugh and his company, Infrastructure Armor LLC, for allegedly using Hardwire’s technology to underbid the firm and win a contract for the Kosciuszko job — without having the expertise to properly manufacture and install the cable shields.
“As a result, Ebaugh and IA’s armor work at the K Bridge is critically flawed and creates a severe and imminent danger to the public and those that use and work on the bridge spans,” the suit charges.

Update: Skippy returned to do a little "upgrading".

NY Post

The contractor accused of botching the installation of protective shields around the new Kosciuszko Bridge’s cables was spotted installing a metal strap around one of the anti-terror devices on Monday.
Photos shot by The Post show Irvin “Skip” Ebaugh IV and another worker standing on an elevating work platform as they cinch down one of three straps on a shield whose sections don’t appear flush along their length.
The apparent repair effort came hours after The Post exclusively revealed Ebaugh faces a $39.6 million suit for allegedly stealing trade secrets from a former employer that he underbid to get the cable-armor job.


Ned said...

Thats what you get when you allow the French to build a bridge in New York.
The stupid Governor should have learned with the 340 bad shitty Bombardier subway cars with the frame welds cracking, brakes, door motors failing, burning up motors

Freyssinet cable, Bombardier trains, its all garbage
The French and Canadians should stick to wine grapes, crepes and cheese


georgetheatheist said...

Prediction: Trump will weaponize this against Cuomo and the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Prediction: Trump will weaponize this against Cuomo and the Dems."
Cuomo and the Dems are receiving a lot of criticism, and rightfully so. They have made a lot of mistakes and should be held accountable. Our saftey is in danger from these Whacked Out Far Left Libshits !

TommyR said...

Something fun to think about as I drive over it daily-to-weekly.

The Kamikaze Bridge is falling down, falling down said...

This bridge is one of Leatherface's pet projects and he f'd it up. The Dems can't get infrastructure right. DJT - a master builder! Hey, Leatherface, call in the Trump Organization to correct this engineering mess.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the bridge is very real.
Looks like the French used cheap reconstituted steel for the cables, it appears to be ungalvanized and rusting like cancer. Cables spun in France with Steel from China intended for indoor perhaps?
You can see it happening wile driving slow in traffic.
Who approved this shit construction material without checking it out and verifying it meet speck to last 100 years let alone rusting and blistering the paint and coverings after 2 years.
People belong in prison

Anonymous said...

America can't build bridges or building's or schools anymore
You thought it was shoddy work,lol,you must be some union Democrat
If it last 5 years we got our money's worth.
When it falls we can use it or whats left as a fishing pier

Anonymous said...

Ahh,, don't you just like the ongoing works of Democratic art and the price their voters pay???Dumb voters, dumb projects, crooked politicians..

Rob in Manhattan said...

Ned said...Freyssinet cable, Bombardier trains, its all garbage
The French and Canadians should stick to wine grapes, crepes and cheese."
-Geez, I actually find myself agreeing with this character...on this one.

As for the rest of you, be reminded that this whole fiasco is the product of free enterprise and open bidding AKA: Capitalism. These are -companies- that screwed this city.

As for "DJT Mmaster builder" Please, he was sued and fined for using substandard concrete on that west side development and sued again for cheap fixtures and finishes in those 'luxury" condos.

A con man. Trump "University" -anyone?

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

The cables are rusting
In simple speak they used shit cheap cable to win the contract bid and placed and used sleeves over the primary suspension cables to keep the water and elements out.

The sleeves are opening up and peeling off.
Now the water & dampness gets in and takes a longer time to dry out
Galvanized cable should have been used, the same mistake was made on the Williamsburg bridge when it was built.
If this is true the bridge is fucked cable replacement will be expensive

Anonymous said...

This scrap bridge will need to be rebuilt.
It should be the proven reliable strong original truss design.
This European shit cant cut New York's climate, wear and tear.
Robert Moses knew this 60 years ago

Big cars & trucks don't exist in Europe and only use the roads at certain hours under special permits.