Sunday, March 29, 2020

Queens has passed 10,000 people testing positive for coronavirus


New data that the city’s Health Department released Sunday morning shows the coronavirus pandemic continuing to take a horrific toll on the five boroughs.

Approximately 3,150 new cases and 161 deaths occurred in the last day, the data revealed. As of 9:30 a.m. March 29, there were 32,308 positive coronavirus cases and 678 related fatalities.

Nearly 24 hours earlier, the Health Department accounted for 29,158 positive cases and 517 deaths. In little more than 24 hours, the number of coronavirus patients went up 10.4%, while fatalities rose 31.1%.

Queens now has more than 10,000 confirmed coronavirus patients and continues to be the city’s hot zone in the outbreak. The 9:30 a.m. March 29 numbers revealed that the “World’s Borough” has 10,373 cases, 219 of which were fatal.

Brooklyn has the second-highest coronavirus cases in the city with 8,451 infections and 168 deaths, followed by the Bronx with 6,145 infections and 153 deaths, Manhattan with 5,438 infections and 94 deaths, and Staten Island with 1,866 infections and 43 deaths.

Approximately 20% of all coronavirus patients in New York City (6,287) have required hospitalization, the Health Department noted.


Anonymous said...

Queens the world's borough !

Anonymous said...

Never trust the government and their faux global biological virus.

There's always some monetary agenda with these globalist.

Anonymous said...

Four major things that made this city a mess and an epicenter:
1. China
2. Cuomo
3. De Blasio
4. NYC super Dem majority government.

Anonymous said...

"The world's borough"? Dont you mean the "world's third world trash dispenser"?

Anonymous said...

THIS IS WHAT DIVERSITY GOT US. SANCTUARY CITY STATUS. Shame on all electeds who shoved this down our throats. May the virus lodge in their throats now.

Anonymous said...

Two major things that made this city a mess and an epicenter:
1. Trump (china and italy had warn them and everyone else telling him early to take it seriously and he didn't and delay testings and also for closing down cdc and invest too much into military)
2. DeBlasio (for assigning Richard Carranza and delay school closing)

Take vietnam for example.. they have like zero to low deaths because they acted early regardless trump supporter argument that china reacted too late. They are so close to china and yet still maintain a low number. So early response is crucial regardless. People can also argue China delay in letting people know but some say it's a new virus so of course there is a mix up if it's really human transmissible or not and thus delays of 3 weeks is debatable. Same if it happened in the USA where if it's a new virus, they will have to study it to confirm if it is true that it's human transmissible or not for like 2 to 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

you mean all those illegal aliens? what about the day laborers who are still shaping up and sleeping rough? when can they be deported? They are finally chopping up the park by 65th Street in Woodside where they used to hang out but observe them making a shit hole of the surrounding new seating areas.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that a lot of Chinese take outs and the Chinese owned 99 cent stores are locked down tight.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the overcrowding here in Queens. Everything little space a house with multiple units. Parking a nightmare. Schools over crowded. Stores a lack of. One time Grand Avenue had three big chain stores. A&P, Keyfood and Finast. What do we have now? Stop and Shop and Keyfood and a half and finally on the Plateau C town has come back.
We are packed in like sardines. Stressing the gas, electric and sewers. Notice how everything is being upgraded here. One family homes torn down with cement monsters and when it rains where does all that water going? Well now in a huge ass rain garden that took parking spots away. Also Queens lost three hospitals. St Johns would have taken some of the load off of Elmhurst.