Sunday, March 15, 2020

School's out

NY Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio — facing a coup from parents and teachers over his refusal to close city schools amid the coronavirus –has finally succumbed to the mounting pressure and agreed to shut them down, well-placed sources told The Post on Sunday.
The closure will occur early in the week, a source added. Gov. Cuomo told 1010 WINS radio that “all schools in downstate New York will be closing,” specifically adding Tuesday or Wednesday.
Hizzoner had been stubbornly repeating his opposition to the move, insisting he was “very reticent” because of such things as leaving healthcare workers to scramble for childcare amid the spread of the coronavirus.
The about-face came soon after The Post published an online editorial Sunday urging him to “close the schools!” — reflecting increasingly harsh criticism over de Blasio’s failure to do what scores of other districts around the metro area, state and country have done to contain the deadly and particularly contagious coronavirus.
The city teachers union had vowed to file a complaint with the state Department of Labor on Monday arguing that the schools were “unsafe” to be in, while Queens Borough President Sharon Lee urged parents to keep their kids home from school even before de Blasio finally made his announcement.
De Blasio was expected to make the announcement at an evening press conference.
The move also came shortly after Gov. Andrew Cuomo reversed course on the issue, too, and said it is now time to close down the city public-school system.


georgetheatheist said...

Will Carranza et al. be furloughed?

Anonymous said...

School's out for summer! School's out forever!

Anonymous said...

I really can't stand this Dumbasio Mayor. It is all about the homeless, how about US ???

Zoé said...

I think this fulla shit Bozo Bird prolonged school closing's to secure some attendance funding deal.
It all sucks.
Now I just lost not one job but TWO jobs tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing this virus did was finally get the left to admit the schools are nothing but daycare centers. Congrats libs I hope destroying the family unit was worth it.

Anonymous said...

So much for the graduating class of 2020.

Anonymous said...

This brown stain on the underwear of NYC wanted to keep the schools open NOT for the children of health care workers--that's his BS cover story--but to have the schools act as a free food distribution center for his beloved illegals, lowdown non-parents who nevertheless had children (and who seem incapable of making a PBJ sandwich for their kid--no the GOVERNMENT must do that for them)--and homeless--groups who are already feeding heavily on the teat of the taxpayers. What are they doing with the money they get from us for food?

Did anyone else notice he never mentioned "loss of academic learning"? Nope, not a word about that. So in his commie eyes, the purpose of schools is to feed other peoples' children who are too irresponsible to feed them themselves and to babysit. Also, to indoctrinate them as to their RIGHTS, EQUALITY, and DIVERSITY. Oh, and if they happen to learn something about math, science, English or history, that's incidental.

He is a total POS, has failed NYC horribly over the years, yet the idiot populace stayed home rather than vote, allowing him 2 terms to run down the city.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly- the parents - because they have children don’t have any taxes taken out of their paychecks - okay fair enough. When they file their taxes because of EITC- they get huge income tax refunds from both NY State & the IRS.
Does that add up - no taxes paid and getting a refund? Where is that money coming from? People like me who pay taxes unlike these baby machines.
these same parents are screaming poverty and the taxpayers have to feed their children.
Now you want us to cry for the little children who don’t eat half the food the government is providing for them- it winds up in huge garbage bags outside the schools.
You expect me to be jumping for joy that the money is freed up to pay for a negligent parents beer, crack hit or heroin shot?

Anonymous said...

We Need Trade Schools ! Not more social science and music degrees.