Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Bloomberg bullshit

This clip comes courtesy of The Politicker. Bloomberg says at the end of his answer about opposition to the water rate hike by Queens Councilmembers Gennaro and Weprin: “This seems to be a brouhaha about nothing from a couple of people who want to run for higher office who probably shouldn’t even be considered.”

Using his logic, since Mayor Bloomberg has also shown the desire to run for higher office, perhaps we shouldn't entertain anything else he says from now on.


Anonymous said...

And if you get pregnant you shouldn't be considered for anything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Time for Bloomberg to run for higher office, in Bermuda!

Anonymous said...

He's right on target as far as Gennaro is concerned.

Anonymous said...

In the Commissar's view, there are no protests when the Soviet decides something.

All this frivolous citizen complaining. What power do the citizens have?

Paraphrasing my brother dictator: How many divisions do the taxpayers have?

faster340 said...

Damn! Could he be anymore arrogant? Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

A riddle:

How many city council chamber pots
does it take to accommodate
all of Bloomberg's bullshit?


He has a direct pipeline to
the East River!

(Do you think his "golden"
turds are then traded as desirable commodities on the open market)?