Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JFK felines to be euthanized

In October, the Port Authority announced that they were rounding up the feral cats and sending them to shelters. Animal advocates protested, arguing that shelters couldn't handle the cats and that they would ultimately be put down.

They also claimed that a program to trap, neuter and then return the cats to the airport would be more effective.

Advocates: JFK feral cats will face death

The agency and the Port Authority have for months been negotiating a solution. On the morning of Memorial Day, Kwan said the agency called him to announce that they were ignoring advocates' plans to trap and neuter the animals and would restart a program to trap and remove the cats.

The Port Authority did not return phone calls seeking comment, but in October they explained that the cats can interfere with aircraft operation.

Someone in this article is quoted as saying, "I have never seen a feral kitten pole vault into the engine of a jet airplane." Neither have I. But in this city, we love to come up with lame excuses for killing living creatures - trees, squirrels and now cats.


Anonymous said...

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Chinese fast food industry in southeast Queens is about to realize a surplus in product.

Anonymous said...

Its very sad that the Port Authority has decided to do this. It's a shame that they have not reached out to all the cat groups out there to try to find homes for these poor animals

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Guys, on this issue, is it not funny that there seems to be an inverse relationship between the animal advocates, and those with actual experience with animals?

Get over Bambi. Every wild animal dies a violent death.

That is life.

Putting them to sleep is a hell of a lot more humane then having them tear each other apart, die of starvation, freeze to death, injest a poison, or expire from some nasty parasite.

Anonymous said...

The fact is they had a chance years ago to set things right but they refused to. The PA is dead wrong on this issue.

They could have started a gradual removal and spaying program but claimed they didn't have the money which was bogus.

The Post Authority is an corrupt and inefficent as the MTA.

AS for actual experience with animals I've voluntered at a animal shelter and at ST. Agnes HS in Manhattan which before it was torn down was an outreach program for the homless at Grand Central.

The theme was the same people could care less about people or animals on the fringe of society, and if it costs them $5.00 extra to take care of them ( the cost of a slice of pizza and a soda) they won't do it.

Unwanted homeless people are left in the gutter to die and homelss animals are euthanized...terrible answers to a easily solved problem...

Mr. Mojo Risin..

Anonymous said...

These ferals can not be socialized to be with people.

They are also killing the birds and protected Piping Plover's that nest on beaches and marshland

Anonymous said...

Sad people we have living in this once great city now, as well as working for our city agencies or should I say, bleeding our government dry. Anyone that prefers to kill or condemn any animal or human being rather than doing the ethical thing and helping the less fortunate among us in this world are surely doomed to fail in this life and the next. But then again, these are the same people who don't mind filling up their SVU's with $100.00 worth of foreign gas per week.