Thursday, May 29, 2008

Q45 to end at Atlas Park Mall

Dear Crappy,

On May 20th at the CB5 Transportation Committee meeting, the MTA came back with a final Q45 bus proposal. We consider this to be a small victory for the residents of Glendale.

The three new proposals that were introduced by Norman Silverman and his partner Peter Liu, called the "C" proposals, all have bus loops within Atlas Park. However, they still plan to extend this bus to Atlas Park via 80th Street starting at Eliot Ave. This will mean additional bus stops from Eliot Ave to the Furmanville Ave. Once the bus crosses Furmanville, it will use the existing Q29 bus stops. This fight is still not over yet.

There is a public hearing tentatively scheduled for the June CB5 monthly meeting. Surprisingly, the MTA Bus Company does not plan on attending since they have said they are putting this plan through regardless. They also claim that they are doing this for the betterment of the mall, something that Norm Silverman finally put on the record last night.

We will keep you posted for further details. If anyone wishes to see the proposals, please e-mail us at and request them.

The Committee to Stop the Q45


Anonymous said...

glad i do not live on 80th street

just think now jackson heights has a direct link to juniper

thank god i rent in middle village

10 months and i am gone

it will be turning into greenpoint within 5 years anyway

Unknown said...

I heard an employee talking at Steinmart that they thought Atlas Park was on the market. I'm almost scared to think what would happen if it gets sold. Maybe we want to direct as many busses to the mall. I also thought I heard they wanted to have the Long Island Rail road stop there. But I haven't heard anything else about it.

Anonymous said...

The fact is the owners of the mall and the store owners want it in place. Unfortunately what has happened that many people who used to shop at Queens Mall now shop at Atlas..

There is not enough room for all the people who are now coming there and you can bet it will cause a lot of grief for home owners in the neighborhood.

Wait until the summer comes around....

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

How long will the delays be on the 45 when this happens? The added lenght without extra buses being added will be a hardship. Also where is the ridership coming from? Most folks along the extended new portion of the route except up to Juniper Park will be nonexistent! The 45 is bascally devoid of ridership after 9PM anyhow. In fact Chinese operators with mini-buses have been poaching riders along the route for months - they look to customise their destinations to Chinese riders going to lower Manhattan - sort of an express offerring to China - town if you are Chinese - don't even bother if your not - your not welcomed on their buses. Maybe these Operators have an interest in performing the extended 45 route - doubt they would be interested as they know no one demands service there!