Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preservationists want more money for LPC

Preservationists are lobbying the City Council this week to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the budget of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, one of five city agencies whose 2009 budget has not been cut by Mayor Bloomberg.

In Time of Cuts, Extra Funds Sought by Preservationists

The Municipal Art Society, the Historic Districts Council, and several council members are scheduled to rally on the steps of City Hall tomorrow, calling on the council to approve $300,000 in additional funding.

Landmarks has a budget of $4.3 million for fiscal year 2008, and proponents say the addition of $300,000 in any other financial environment would receive scant notice. Given Mr. Bloomberg's call for more than $1.3 billion in budget cuts and his pledge that spending in the city would remain almost completely flat, any additional funding, regardless of its size, receives added scrutiny.

Yes, please allocate more tax money toward boosting the LPC, because they are doing such a great job of preserving our neighborhood landmarks.


Anonymous said...

Look, people, Queens has always been there to provide tax revenue that's spent in Manhattan. Why should it be any different with Landmarks? Wah, get a life.

Anonymous said...

The last time my council member fought hard to get the LPC one million dollars added to their annual budget,
it was promptly cut to $300,000
by the Bloomberg administration!

Then the first thing that bumbling "Boob" Tierney did was spend a portion of that money on hiring a PR flack to fend off mounting criticism of the commission
instead of beefing up the research staff!

Did Queens see a penny of it?

I doubt it very much!
(Well....maybe just a penny).

So WTF do I care if the LPC is starved out of existence by Bloomberg & Co. ?

It'll make no difference to our borough. We're #4....way down on the LPC's list for designated sites!

So let Manhattan begin losing their deluxe service
(and maybe some landmarks).

MAS and HDC can then make a run for the toilet....'cause the shit's gonna fly for sure folks!

Anonymous said...

So where's Dr. Kroessler on all this...
his thumb up his ass as usual...
but this time at CECPP?

Rah, rah, rah....go Dr. Jeff!
Rouse the team spirit!

First QPL, then HDC and now....?

What's next after this HDC spin off organization fails in its mission
for "the professor"?

We can expect some more "golden" words from the podium.

Pardon me while I take my "golden shower"break!

Anonymous said...

I hear that "somebody" is planning another "palace coupe" somewhere...
heh, heh, heh.
(That last one failed miserably,
we hear)!

The whole damn preservation movement (if you can call it a movement at all) is suffering from "academia anemia".

And it's bowels are blocked up!

Anonymous said...

A $600,000 cut?

They got to be kidding. Let me know when the budget get real.

Like an extra zero or two.

Anonymous said...

Well, if LPC dumps Tierney
(the staff runs the show anyway)
that could save them some money.

What is Mary Beth Bett's salary?

She could also go and wouldn't be missed much in Queens!

I've got a lot of other good ideas on how the LPC could make ends meet during this lean period of recession .

Anonymous said...

Don't you really mean that it's
Mayor Bloomberg who really runs
the LPC's show Jerry?

Anonymous said...

Overturn the landmarks law.

Any developer out there with some balls?