Sunday, May 25, 2008

Broad Channel's parking problems

Mr. Tubridy’s block, West 11th Road, is a narrow two-way street. On this afternoon, cars were parked on each side, leaving not much room for a fire or garbage truck to pass. A few weeks prior, the Department of Transportation, having been informed that the no-parking signs supposed to have been posted on the block were missing, put up new signs on the telephone poles.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Parking

The regulation is intended to allow emergency vehicles to pass unobstructed. “This is about safety,” said Seth Solomonow, a transportation spokesman.

Local residents, however, have their own solution. Cars are often parked a few inches up on the sidewalk to allow room for trucks to pass. Of course, this is also against parking regulations.

Given the limited parking space on the island, some claimed that their defiance was born from necessity. “Where do they want us to park?” said one man. “In the water?”

The Department of Transportation seems willing to listen. “We’re going to talk to the community about our next steps,” said Mr. Solomonow.


Anonymous said...

The street there really are narrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, put a bike lane in there. The people can find another place to park.

Just like on Vernon.

Anonymous said...

Naw, will not happen.

We don't have stooges for the developers masquerading as 'Greens' in our community.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a nice place for a boathouse!

Anonymous said...

Just how many developer decails can you fit on a kayak?

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just buy narrower emergency vehicles from Europe where all the streets are like that. There are a lot of places that should have narrower fire trucks instead of less parking. I'm sure Bloomy would pay for it.