Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Windy weather makes DOB wary

Check out what went on yesterday:

The department said it will be doing random spot-check inspections around the city on Tuesday. If construction sites are not secured, the department said it will issue violations ``and stop work orders if necessary.''

How about some spot checks at construction sites on non-windy days? The city is sitting on a potential gold mine!

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Anonymous said...

Windy weather, indeed!
DOB's recent efforts at reforming its lax policies amount to just a fart in a windstorm!

It'll take a complete overhaul of that notorious department to make
any headway into the corruption that's still running rampant!

And we know that's not going to really happen....not with Bloomberg and his builder buddies running
NYC like Dodge City!

All of their
(as of yet uncaught)crooked building inspectors need some serious inspection themselves!