Wednesday, May 21, 2008

St. Brigid's is saved!

Anonymous Donor Saves East Village Church

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Archdiocese of New York said an anonymous donation of $10 million will save the historic St. Brigid's Church in Manhattan's East Village.

The Archdiocese said Wednesday that St. Brigid's will reopen as a parish church following its repair.

The donor also has given $2 million to establish an endowment to help the parish meet the spiritual needs of residents. A separate gift of $8 million will support Saint Brigid's School, and other Catholic schools in need.

St. Brigid's once was a haven for Irish famine refugees. In more recent years it has served a largely Latino congregation.

The church is named after St. Brigid of Ireland, known for helping the hungry and poor.


Anonymous said...

This is great news!!!! As a first generation American of Irish decent I am greatly relieved to hear that this landmark will be saved. Thank you to the generosity of the anonymous person who saved St Bridgid's Church.
I have been closely following the news of St. Bridgid and St. Savious's Churches for over a year now and I am very pleased with the grassroots efforts to save our churches from destruction.

Anonymous said...

Great news that it's saved, but these are not just buildings to be admired for their architectural qualities. They serve other purposes too! Why not show up on Sunday and put a few $$$ in the collection box?

Anonymous said...

The anon donor is probably Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Why should Bloomberg
(himself a Jew) donate the money to save a Catholic church...
a guilty conscious for his inaction regarding St. Saviour's?

If it is Mike, his anonymous donation won't buy any indulgence credits from the Creator for all the earthly bad karma he's accumulated.

He'll find himself toasting
on the coals of hellfire along with the other aloof, unfeeling bastards of history!

Anonymous said...

"CJ"...the difference is this church is located in Manhattan.
That's why there's money to save it!

More specifically, the soon to be super-yuppified lower east side
(once the 2nd Ave. subway gets underway) doesn't want to lose an important local landmark.

The rents there are already astronomical!

Calling all anonymous donors:
How about contributing some $$$$$$
to save some deserving Queens sites.

H-m-m-m, I didn't think I heard the sounds of anyone rushing to their banks to send a draft!

Anonymous said...

In Queens you get hot air, excuses and "letters of support"
from the so called "preservation community"!

In Manhattan you get brain power, mobilization, and most important, DONATIONS OF MONEY!

Can you see the big difference
between the "golden isle" and
its insignificant poor relation?

Anonymous said...

We have ourselves to blame.

Isn't that so Dr. Kroessler,
Mr. Gottlieb, etc.?

Calling all armchair preservationists
to find their lion's heart amidst all the musty cobwebs!
(and above all) ACTION !

Anonymous said...

We have ourselves to blame.


Amen brother, amen!

Anonymous said...

Look, in Queens, the presevationists look for funding from politicians or support, as space, from developers.

Private moneys are not expected - which is stupid, because an awful lot of people are making money from this boro.

Find out who they are in your community, and go after them! Speak up at community boards, write letters to the editor. Lets create a climate, that when one comes into your community, they know they are going to have to give something back.

Queens is not some gigantic a strip mine. This is not Appalachia.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that so Dr. Kroessler,
Mr. Gottlieb, etc.?

How about that organization that self proclaimed umbrella group, QHS? Instead of involving themselves in other communities with questionable programs, like Queensmarks, they should beef up their programs to be a clear voice for preservation.

Anonymous said...

How about HDC for that matter?

We hear the old "Manhattan guard"
within that organization,
is getting a little "antsy" about more recent forays in our borough in an attempt to spread their services off the "golden isle" and distribute them more equally amongst the outer boroughs.

Anonymous said...

You don't need disinterested mercenaries like MAS, HDC or CECPP
if you've got your own
strong preservation home guard...
which we do not!

That's why we'll always be
considered just a bunch of ill-bred colonials to the LPC...
not deserving of them to grace us with any worthy designations!

Oh, but didn't we just get a pool and a firehouse?

Wasn't it "The Queensborough Preservation League" who supported landmarking the old jail cells that were torn down behind the court house at 45th Road Court Square?

No wonder we're the laughing stock
of Manhattan Dr. Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Ya know...
I once copped a terrific "feel"
in front of P.S. 32 in the wee hours
of the morning when I just turned 18.

I'll never forget it
(nor you, my dear)!

Do you think I should submit an RFE
to landmark that school?

Rego-Forester said...

Remain true to your instincts & submit an RFE. Never abandon your efforts.

Anonymous said...

We submitted many RFEs in my hood
"Rego-Forester"requesting to be calendered for our historic district (about 1,300).

There was overwhelming support from elected officials, our community board and we're already a national historic district.

But Mayor Bloomberg's CAU rep
told us that an LPC staffer said there was no consensus supporting landmarking our hood so they're stonewalling us now!