Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crowley the crusader

Some really disturbing mail came last week.
This is so weird that I don't know what to say. The city council generally doesn't fund health research...


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley could run on an anit-Vietnam war platform and it wouldn't matter. She's got name recognition and nothing else. No brains, no experience, no platform, no accomplishments. Her asswipe cousin thinks the crowley name will be enough to get her in office.

He's wrong. if this bimbo gets elected, it will be the biggest embarassment in Queens Democratic party history. Every time she opens her mouth, nothing but shit comes out.

I can't wait to see her make an ass of herself on the council floor and at public events. She might just embarass cousin Joe right out of office once other party leader see how far he's gone and how greedy and arrogant he's become. Unless someone qualified wins, that is.

Anonymous said...

Which clan is this a picture of: the Hatfields, or the McCoys?

It must be an old photo. Before pantsuits were invented - or were stocked at the general store.

Whar are the boys? Out loadin' the shotguns into the pickups?

Their names are Virgil, Earl, and Hoss (he's the big eater).

Dizzie, you're finished. Quit the idiocy. You collected more than $158,000. Show some leadership. Donate that to cancer research. And no tax benefits.

Anonymous said...

Things like Sharing and Caring is big with the pols in Astoria. The machine must think that this is a good way to present themselves to the public.


They CARE.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Such a...ummmm...."handsome?".... family.....Maybe Ober has the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Look, enough of bitching about the bitch here.

You got to dog her every public appearance with embarrassing questions and protests.

You got to write letters to the paper about their failure to cover her joke of a resume (FIT makes you a presevationist?), her campaign dirty laudry, etc etc

Just grumbling about her here is ok, but nowhere near to inflict real damage.

Anonymous said...

A family portrait Ellen Degenres, Billie Jean King and Melissa Etheridge would salivate over.

Anonymous said...

Remember the "Dueling Banjoes" scene in the movie "Deliverance"?

Remember the folks shown living in that hovel?

Were they the Crowley family ancestors?

Are these photos from the movie cast?

Anonymous said...

Christ Almighty, someone please have that Crowley clan cease and desist from any further procration. For the love of God, please!

Anonymous said...

Can we commission an artist to do a painting of these photos?