Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rockaways brace for building boom

Locals say that many small homes have been redeveloped into super-size, multifamily dwellings - a trend that would largely be stopped by the city's current proposal to down zone 278 blocks on the peninsula.

The so-called Rockaways renaissance has fueled a dramatic rise in population - 13,000 new residents between 2000 and 2006, according to census figures - and that has many longtime residents fuming over what they say is a lack of transportation upgrades to match the boom.

Building boom revives Rockaways peninsula

Although a $6 Rockaways-to-Manhattan ferry service debuted this month, the peninsula still has only one subway line, one of the nation's few intra-county toll bridges and aging streets that locals say can't handle the onslaught of summer traffic.

"Our community is being ruined," said Fran Stathis, head of the Rockaway Park Homeowners and Residents Association. "We're too congested. We don't have the infrastructure for so many people."

That's ok, we have to build anyway, there are a million more people coming, haven't you heard? The concerns of the people already living here are totally irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

But what will happen when sea levels rise 20 feet due to GW.

Anonymous said...

The politicans will blame it on Con Ed. Afterall, a utility that has been in business for a 100 years can't figure out how to supply power to a community where no one has the foggiest notion how many people live in, it must be a conveinent whipping boy for just about anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the buildings will go up - campaign donations MUST be paid.

If it floods (and it will) the public will bail out the developers.

They do it time and time again.