Saturday, May 24, 2008

Preservation community fails to educate Douglaston homeowners

13 out of the 17 homeowners in the proposed district oppose designation. They fear it will limit their property rights.

Any type of work on a landmarked house requires permission from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. The changes must match the architectural style of the building, which in this neighborhood ranges from Mediterranean to Dutch Colonial and English Tudor.

“Landmarking restrictions are stringent and suffocating,” said White. “They tell you what to do with your roof, what kind of siding, what kind of shutters, what kind of porch.”

The [community] board...voted against the expansion of the historic district. The nature of the vote is advisory, explained Steven Newman, chair of the board.

The opposition - from the residents and the board - will play a significant role when the Landmarks Commission votes on whether to extend the historic district, said Lisi de Bourbon, spokesperson for the Commission.

Douglaston Historic District plans rankle residents

Whoops...someone forgot that education regarding historic preservation is necessary before getting people on board in the land of the tweeded.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson would be proud of these Americans.
White is right! The weight of big local government is always oppressive to individual rights, when wheeled by a vocal self selected clique of busy buddies.

Hail White! The right to self determination, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Citizens to the barricades!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of how the Manhattan clique that has seized control of community preservation has failed to exercise responsible management of this effort.

They are smug, having got what they want. They are smug, routinely using funds and efforts that should go to the OuterB for their community.

The only way to stop our tax money subsidizing the rich, is to overturn the Landmarks Law.

Anyone ready? I bet it would fall lke an overripe fruit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone forgot to educate you that homeowners don't want other people imposing upon them what they can and can't do with their own property to that level of detail.

Anonymous said...

Ask someone in a landmarked district if they are sorry that they were designated.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Douglaston, and you can wind up looking like Jamaica Estates. Wait till the hindsight kicks in!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Douglaston Historical Society... why not spend your time more fruitfully by fixing up Shore Road, before it slides into Little Neck Bay.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Kevin Wolfe & Co. made a boo boo?

Anonymous said...

Mr. White sounds to me like your typical ignorant, reactionary,
dyed in the wool dumb ass right out of the stone age!

Wait until they "super-size"
him in with Mc Mansions flanking his home on both sides!

Maybe he already plans to "expand"
his own abode or sell it and move out of the nabe...grabbing some quick $$$$ and leave his neighbors holding the proverbial bag!

Anonymous said...

Well that's what happens
when you get a few snotty elitists talking down to folks!