Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Construction Suspended Indefinitely at Crane Accident Site

By PETER KIEFER, Staff Reporter of the Sun

The Department of Buildings said yesterday that construction at 303 East 51st Street, the site where a crane collapse killed seven and injured more than twenty others in March, would remain suspended indefinitely. The acting buildings commissioner, Robert LiMandri, also threatened to revoke permits for construction at the site unless the developer resubmits revised plans. "Today, the Department put the developer on notice that the permit for the proposed new building will be revoked if the developer fails to take steps to address the identified objections within 10 business days. Construction at the site remains halted," Mr. LiMandri, said in a statement. The buildings department came under fire following the accident after admitting that it should never have issued the original permits in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Maybe LiMandri has his sh** together.

Anonymous said...

This is midtown's prime east side.

Here they suspend operations indefinitely at the mere snap
of a finger!

In Queens, on the other hand,
a notorious convicted criminal
"developer"like Tommy Huang
spreads a few dollars in
the right direction and his building permits are restored

Too bad that "Tommy the terrible"
isn't f----g up Manhattan.
He'd be serving time in the
federal pen by now!

Ah, the inequities between
living in an outer borough versus "the island"!