Friday, May 30, 2008

NYS Pavilion may be in emergency status

"The Queens Theatre in the Park is re-opening and they put up a huge fence. Why?

1- So yuppie theater goers wont be offended having to look at the New York State pavilion.
2- Something's falling

The New York State Pavilion's SkyStreak elevator has pulled itself apart and is about to fall off. Its 2-ton counterweight could free-fall, crashing into one of the towers' Pyle caps.

Only the NYC Parks Department would spend millions on a theater just to have the Pavilion fall on it!" - Joe

More discussion here: Peace Through Understanding: New security around the towers


Anonymous said...

"Yuppie theatre"

Crappy you are an ignorant asshole.

Queens Crapper said...

I did not author this post.

Anonymous said...

Crappy you are an ignorant asshole.

Yes Crappy, you are just acting like any functionary out of boro hall involved in the tourism trade or plumping development.

That is the styple of behavior that is reserved only for someone from DOB, LPC, ETC.

Not the general public.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Dictionary:

Ignorant Asshole: someone who thinks on their own, expresses their opinion, and does not follow the party line.

Anonymous said...

Quick everyone! Focus on the word "yuppie" and forget that the damn structure is collapsing.

Anonymous said...

"Yuppie" ...That’s what that expansion is targeted at ?
BYW-I wrote the post not crappy

QTIP can run state and city financed multicultural shit in one wing and cash Yuppie art, banquets and USTA crap in the other ay the same time.
It makes more money...they think anyway

With the NSP loosing, elevators, nuts and bolts where are they going to store scenery and garbage ?
Bloombergs house ?


Anonymous said...

NYC Parks Dept doesnt want to run parks !
They saw what this crazy Mayor did and now want to be bigshot landlords and devoloper's.
....The mayor's doppleganger !!
Personally I think the QTIP expansion is Illegel IT TOOK PARK GREENSPACE !

Anonymous said...

Never seen anyone get so bent out of shape by a slur as broad and generally harmless as yuppie.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys against the theater itself? My parents are elderly Queens residents and they enjoy going there - they're disabled and it's much easier for them to get in and out than it is to go to Broadway. It's not just "multicultural shit" - they saw Jerry Stiller do a one-man show there.

I think the theater is an asset to the community - the problem is that they're letting the rest of the park fall apart.

Queens Crapper said...

I personally have no problem with the theater, but why did they build it next to something that is falling down and which they have no desire to fix up? Does this make any sense?

Anonymous said...

The prince of patronage jobs...
Jeffrey Rosenstock (executive director of "Theater In The Dark")
had best be more worried about DOI's continuing slush fund investigations, lest his institution find themselves in the eye of the hurricane!

Falling political debris is far more dangerous than that falling from the NYS Pavilion.

Oh, you use "Parkside"
to lobby for funding?

Better wear a hard hat to "work"!

Anonymous said...

Stop cooking up phony elderly parents to pimp for a theater who's prime fare includes putting "has-been" personalities on stage.

Real Broadway theater is EASIER to reach than "Theater In The Dark"...
located in the middle of a dangerous nowhere!

Nobody's been shot at in Manhattan's theater district for decades.

Not so with FMCP!

And "Access-a-Ride" goes everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I am against Theater In The Park.

It was built on temporary pilings (and still is)!

Its managed to gobble up millions in tax dollars to re-vamp and re-fit it into what the RKO Keith's
(for example) should have been...
the borough's premiere performance venue!

But, obviously, Jeffrey Rosenstock is somebody's "pussy boy" and is doled out plenty in discretionary funding over the years!

This is one of the biggest boondoggles ever to be foisted upon Queens resident/tax payers!

Anonymous said...

The New York State Pavilion, particularly the former sky restaurant, is the only architecture that brings a sour taste to my mouth. DAMN it's ugly.

Anonymous said...

Well if you insist on calling
the NYS Pavilion, one of Philip Johnson's architectural
treasures, "ugly" you might want to re-orient your entire body.

You're standing on your head dummy and you're using your asshole not your eyeballs to take in the scene.

Consider wearing a hat to remind you which end goes up!

Anonymous said...

if they can get the
New York State Pavilion declared dangerous it can be torn down making convenient room for the expansion of
"Theater In The Dark"...
eh... Jeffrey old boy? !!!

That's the real plan isn't it?

Pump some more mega-millions into that patronage-job dump of an excuse for a "theater".

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
let's forget this whole yuppie thing for a moment. This is the last standing pavilion from the 64/65 World's Fair.Go Google the words "Tent of Tomorrow" and see this structure when it was first built. It wasn't always an eye sore. If Seattle can keep the Space Needle from the 1962 World's Fair operational(also a major tourist attraction to this day)then why are we neglecting ours?