Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thompson to U.N.: "Pay Up!"

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Mr. Thompson announced the results of an audit processed by his office. According to the final report, the UNDC owes the city $12 million in rent it has not paid in the last four years.

Upon receiving a draft copy of that audit, the UNDC agreed to pay half that amount, roughly $6 million, but denied the city’s request for the remaining balance. It wants to keep the money on hand in case the UN Consolidation Building Project, a 35-story office building proposed for Robert Moses State Park, revives itself.

The project (“dormant for three years,” as Mr. Thompson put it) was never passed by the State Legislature, and work on it ceased in 2005.

“Enough is enough …” Mr. Thompson said. "It is time to collect what is owed to New Yorkers.”

Thompson Demands $6 M. in Back Rent from State UN Corporation


Anonymous said...

FU....UN !

I'd like to set aside 1/2 of the tax money I owe annually to NYC also,
in case I suddenly need a new boiler,
a new roof or I need a vacation!

Anonymous said...

The UN.....a failure at keeping peace in the world and a deadbeat in rent arrears.

Hey, this is an underutilized
prime piece of real estate on
the East River.

Let's tear it down and build luxury condos and give a better return to NYC's coffers in real estate taxes collected from the wealthy foreigners who'll be occupying
these flats.

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Leave the UN alone. we need it as an INDIRECT source of revenue (those of you with half a brain know what I mean).
As for Thompson he is just trying to let everyone know that he is going to be "the black candidate" for the democratic nomination for Mayor next year.
Nothing wrong with that but we need substance, substance, substance!
Lets talk about some real issues like the economy, transportation, infrastructure, the economy, housing (the non-crap kind), the economy, and oh yeah...the economy.

Anonymous said...

The money owed the city by the UN is our money no matter what. Collect it and kick the UN out of the US in the process if they cannot or don't want to pay the bill.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't even include all the millions in scofflaw tickets all these ambassadors owe.

Anonymous said...

The UN is nothing but an international patronage job mill
that employs the otherwise unemployable of the world!

An "indirect source of revenue"?
What have you been puffing lately?

Oh, pardon me, you must be a
diplomatic chauffeur who enjoys parking privileges and a shiny limo to impress the girls
(or boys...whatever your taste).

Anonymous said...

First of all, only your father likes little boys.

INDIRECT source of income - you must not have half a brain.
The revenue that the UN brings to the city "indirectly" (look it up numbnuts)far outweighs any back taxes or scofflaw tickets the city may be owed.

Anonymous said...

And yer mudder dines with her
lady friend once a week at
"Le Cafe Sez Neuf"!

My father
happens to have passed on.

My mother's gone too
and my sister is currently ill.

Are there any further moronic insults you wish to convey to me or my remaining family that have nothing to do with the United Nations dead-beating New York City?

And you're the "intelligent" lad that's calling me "numb nuts".
Turn that mirror around so you can
get a good gander at yourself.

You'd better get a life and check out that "indirect source"
of wiring between your neural transmitters!

Your synapses need a little
tuning up. Try some "Zoloft"
or switch your brand of brewskie!