Thursday, May 22, 2008

Outrage in China over shoddy building

China vowed on Wednesday to deal severely with anyone found responsible for shoddy state building work, as parents demanded to know why last week's earthquake destroyed so many schools, killing thousands of children.

Thousands of children died when their schools crumbled around them, prompting widespread claims that corruption fatally compromised the buildings' strength.

Hundreds of distraught relatives placed wreaths along the road leading to Fuxing primary school in Wufu, where at least 127 children were crushed to death. They hoisted a banner reading, "The children did not die of a natural disaster but of an unsafe building."

In Yinhua town, where more than 200 pupils died, a woman who lost her 13-year-old daughter said the school building had had two levels in 1993, but illegally added two more later.

"When it collapsed it was just fragments, not blocks. That shows how badly built it was," Luo Zaihong said.

A petition circulated in Juyuan town, where 500 or more pupils died in the ruined middle school, demanding punishment of those responsible for shoddy schools, and compensation.

Protests by parents could be troublesome as the ruling Communist Party seeks to maintain a staunch front of unity and stability in the wake of the quake.

China to probe builders after quake collapses


Anonymous said...

Again, Crappy!

Always pointing out the problems in Fuxing, Queens!

Oh, wait a minute, Fuxing is not the same as Flushing? Or is it?

Oh, never mind!


Unknown said...

Great they will conduct a few show trials, for some people who may have been responsible, and carry out some quick executions. (I believe a bullet to the back of the head over a ditch is still the preferred method) All of which will do nothing to solve the problems that created poor building construction practices in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I heard LaFrak was building in China. Bet theirs was the first to fall.

Anonymous said...

Since the days of chairman Mao,
the Chinese cared little for human life.

They still use their people like cattle and can afford to lose
a third of their burgeoning population in the name of progress.

Visit Flushing's (F-Liu-xhing colony).

They're building like crap here also.

It all started 25 years ago
with that convicted Taiwanese/Chinese crook
Tommy Huang!