Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grange is on the move

Founding father Alexander Hamilton's house is off its foundation and soon will be on the move.

Our first treasury secretary's digs, the Grange, is headed from 287 Convent Ave. near W. 141st St. around the block to the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park at 141st, where it will be restored and turned into a museum.

The Grange has been gradually jacked up over the last two weeks, reaching its final height of 35 feet off the ground on Tuesday.

It will be slid on rollers to the opposite side of the street, then lowered, loaded onto dollies and taken to the park - which was part of Hamilton's original 32-acre estate.

The move, set to take place June 7, represents about 40% of the total $8.4 million cost of turning the home into a museum.

Plans are to have the restoration finished and the museum open to the public in the fall of 2009.

Alexander Hamilton's home movin'


Anonymous said...

In Queens the Daily News would do a piece lampooning the efforts of the local group in trying to save it.

In Manhattan or Brooklyn they would not dare.

Anonymous said...

It took some 50 years for this moving plan to finally come to life.