Thursday, May 22, 2008

Developers losing money due to crackdown

As construction safety becomes an increasing priority, building contractors and developers throughout the five boroughs are feeling the effects of the city's recent inspection crackdown in their wallets.

When work stops, costs don't

Industry experts say the multi-day or multi-week work stoppages that sometimes follow an inspection can cost a developer or contractor millions of dollars in loan interest payments, rental costs of machinery and lost labor. And now, after several high-profile accidents — including the East Side crane collapse that killed seven people in March — and the resignation of the Department of Buildings' commissioner, Patricia Lancaster, last month, the crackdown is likely to intensify.


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And it is still a tiny percentage that get inspected. Most developers bank on not being caught, why is it considered ok to have 30 or 40 violations like the building in which the crane collapsed.DOB should stop always siding with developers and start representing and protecting the public which is all of us.

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F--k 'em where they breathe!