Friday, May 30, 2008

Anthony's ads

Anthony Como, chief counsel to State Senator Serf Maltese, is the choice of the Queens County Republican Club for City Council. This is Anthony Como's banner, hanging on the campaign office of his boss on Myrtle Avenue.
This is Anthony Como's campaign poster.
This is Anthony Como. We think the ad below his campaign poster was just coincidental.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Anthony badly needs a chin tuck!

Anonymous said...

Anthony badly needs a diet.

Anonymous said...

What does any of the personal attacks have to do with the candidates. Look at the records of these people. Oh this blog is only an attack blog. You slam Parkside yet you have a lower moral character then them

Anonymous said...

Oh this blog is only an attack blog. You slam Parkside yet you have a lower moral character then them

Yea, what the hell is wrong with you. By slamming 'elected officials' you are mudslinging -- just like any newspaper would report about a grassroots effort to save a local landmark against the wishes of the clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

" Look at the records of these people."

Sometimes personal habits - how they treat themselves, their family, just might give some hint on how they treat their responsiblity to their community.

Anonymous said...

Fat Como is clearly a fathead.

Anonymous said...

How did Anthon Como pass the bar? He's not smart enough to make it as an attorney that's why he had to get a political appointment to the DA's office and then the Board of Elections. He's nothing more than a gofer boy for Maltese, that's it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to get trapped under him and all that flesh
even if he leaves a good tip on my night table when he leaves!

and if he ever broke wind,
half the district would get taken out!

I'd basta on the pasta or find
yourself a big boyfriend.

This lady is through with you!

Unknown said...

He does have a certain resemblance to Tor Johnson.

More seriously, what this debate proved for me is that all the printed material that Como has handed out - including the lengthy résumé that he gave to me when he rang the bell last week - has got to be written by someone else. He is so inarticulate that he can't possibly have formulated those thoughts in writing.