Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jamaica Bay plagued by Horseshoe Crab thieves

Federal officers are ramping up patrols in Jamaica Bay in search of one of the most obscure criminals on land or sea: horseshoe crab poachers.

Crab poachers, beware!

These shadowy seafaring scofflaws have been nabbed roaming shallow portions of the bay, using long boat hooks to pluck their prey from the sea bottom.

"We've also gotten reports where they come by van or truck and go down to one of the beaches and try to poach them that way," said U.S. Park Police Capt. John Lauro.

This year, as horseshoe crabs come ashore to lay eggs in the coming weeks, the U.S. Park Police are increasing patrols at nesting hot spots to prevent poachers from contributing to a regional ecological problem.

In response to the disturbing trend, the National Park Service last year banned horseshoe crab harvesting throughout federally controlled Jamaica Bay, though the practice remains legal, with restrictions, in New York State waters.


Anonymous said...

This is the work of off the boat Asians. Horseshoe Crab eggs are considered delicacy aphrodisiac in parts of Asia commanding as much as $1000 a pound.

Here we have a perfect example of 3rd world multiculturalism at work again.

These POS's have no respect for our laws, culture. They just want our tax dollar paid for service's and keep on living like they did in there home country slums.

They been coming out from Flushing to the Norh Shore (Manhasset, Port Washington)to poach crabs and ducks in our parks.
The cut the heads off and gut the birds right in the park for kids to find

Anonymous said...

Yo Joe, what is a POS. Sounds like a candidate for the Democartic Dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Notice, the tweeded are not mentioned.

Now if it was something done by white Queens citizens from the central or western part of the boro, Archie Bunker would be liberally applied, with lots of eyes rolling.

Anonymous said...

- "Yo Joe, what is a POS ?"

Ahh Jeezz have to s'plain everything LOL.
The same thing as the turd world tweeded.


Anonymous said...

yup it's the gooks

Anonymous said...

#3, they'd compare it to scavenging for roadkill had it been a long time Queens resident, and not a turd worlder from China.