Friday, May 23, 2008

More of Hunters Point biting the dust

Remember the beautiful building they’re knocking down, that (ahem) might have been landmarked if Queens actually paid attention to the violent raping of its architectural history…

The beautiful red building that escaped landmarking faces the guillotine

Hey, LIQShitty: Queens residents have been screaming for landmark status for years. It's not US that's not paying attention, it's the Manhattan-centric Landmarks Preservation Commission, corrupt elected officials and supposedly citywide preservation organizations like Municipal Art Society and Historic Districts Council who have repeatedly and consistently turned their backs on Queens preservation.


Anonymous said...

The Landmarks Devastation Commission at it again! STOP those bastards. I want Robert Tierney, Mary Beth Betts, Kate Daley, & any other good for nothing politician out on their rear end. And that includes Tut Bloombuck. Stop raping our city!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg says he wants green building, but think of all our historic infrastructure that's demolished for the landfill, and all the embodied energy at loss. Hypocrite, traitor, and villian is more like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all this new construction in LIC. Give me more! Good to see that the slow economy has not slowed the advance of progress.

Anonymous said...

No one who grew up here in LIC feels that all this construction is a good thing. It's bringing more people but no new services. That's how this city is planned, though.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect?

With "tokens" like
Dr. Kroessler and Ms. Cataldi
on the board of HDC,
that other Manhattan-centric organization will continue to be an accomplice of the LPC caring less about Queens and more about their own egos.

And they're supposed to be the watchdog group that keeps LPC in line!

H-m-m-m....that inefectual pair
of armchair preservationists have certainly been co-opted by HDC.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you
"anonymous #3".

Wasn't it Jeff Kroessler who let the "Queensborough Preservation league", which had the potential of becoming a veritable preservation tiger, go to pot?

And poor little good hearted
Nancy Cataldi
(suffering from the "Stockholm Syndrome" perhaps?)
still hoping that Santa Claus
or the BVM might miraculously intervene and give Richmond Hill the long awaited historic district status that it well deserves!

HDC depends on this type of Queens weak kneed "representation" so that its old guard of Manhattan elitists can keep our borough from getting its fair share. There's more for them that way.

The loaf of bread to be shared
among the 5 boroughs that comprise Greater New York is finite.

The lion's share is (and has always been) reserved for Manhattan.

Brooklyn is entitled to its many slices,and so on and so forth down the preservation pecking order.

Queens is left with just crumbs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honesty and revealing analysis of the situation
regarding the lack of preservation movement in Queens.

So there are really no organizations
that can put up a good fight
against the architectural rape of our borough?

I guess we'd better learn to
plead with our rapists to put on a condom first!

You "preservation pansies" really disgust me!

Anonymous said...

Trish, that isn't true. Go to any of the Community Board meetings. Most residents are very happy with the development of LIC. Issues arise on certain details, but for the most part people want more of the development to happen faster.
You must not get out a lot in the area, because more and more retail services and amenities are coming in very quickly.

Anonymous said...

"Go to any of the Community Board meetings. Most residents are very happy with the development of LIC."

You mean the community board that is filled with pro-development appointments by councilmembers bribed by developers?

Anonymous said...

The building to be destroyed by the Commissar's malevolence happens to be in a gritty part of LIC, where the "precious people" fear to visit, even in their city-financed limos.

There used to be one restaurant after another on the sidewalk level, and we had lunch in them all the time. So, I became aquatinted with the building, and, even with my amateur eyes, knew it was a gem.

So, if an amateur knew, what prevents the experts from knowing?

Oh, yeah! Developers pay them to be ignorant, lazy, loutish lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Most residents are very happy with the development of LIC.


Well, not true, but the developers are brilliant in their use of money to get their way - well, not brilliant, when money is involved just about anyone will climb into bed with you.

Its just pathetic, simply pathetic, that LICCA, the Boat House, Art O Mat, Greenshores, Socrates, Tranport Alt, Chocolate Factory etc take money from Silvercup or Plaxal or the like. What a great place for Queens Council on the Arts!

Money is spent it to silence the displaced with pocket change (is LICCA taking developers money to spread through the arts community?!), hold out the promise for more bennies if they play along, or to advertise the developer's agenda by slapping logos on boats that get pictured in the papers.

It is really sad, while the oldsters were bought, the newcomers barely conceal their distain for the people of Queens.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad, while the oldsters were bought, the newcomers barely conceal their distain for the people of Queens.

I can't wait for the new members of our community to build their own infrastructure of schools, day care centers, etc which will exclude everyone else outside of their little enclaves.

If anyone from the community sees this happening, raise hell. If the newcomers want to shit on us, lets rub their face in it.


Anonymous said...

So there are really no organizations that can put up a good fight against the architectural rape of our borough?


Sure, give it a Queensmark and get an award from the mainline presevation community that Queens has given itself an honor befitting itself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what ever happened
to the "Queensmark" that QHS gave to "Flessel's"in College Point
(since torn down)?

I'll bet that chunk of bronze went on "e-bay" for its melt value!

And please don't bother
resurrecting that program QHS.

The past record of its lack of success ought to be enough to bury it forever!

Anonymous said...

Are any of the fine homes
in Richmond Hill that received QHS's original "Queensmarks" still standing Ms. Cataldi!

Always insist
on the genuine "Landmark".

Do not accept any counterfeit

Some demolition company "grunt"
will just rip those off and get $1.80 a pound at the scrap yard.

Anonymous said...

The "Queens Hysterical Society"....our borough's"premiere"
lack of preservation self procalimed "umbrella group"!

That's one of our real problems in the borough.

Hosting tea parties instead of kicking ass.

Wait....maybe they're about to become history themselves in the recent slush fund probes!

Anonymous said...

Always insist
on the genuine "Landmark".

Do not accept any counterfeit


that is a good one!

Naw, it will be back. In a patholgical envirnment, people never learn from their mistakes or to do anything imaginative, creative, or new.

Queens is fated to play over Groundhog's Day over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

This borough is very big
on spawning dozens of local new historical societies and various other ineffectual "committees,
coalitions" etc. at the drop of a hat whenever a previously existing one fails in its mission!

This is exactly what the pols love,
keeping the poor dumb electorate overburdened with "busy-work".

They keep telling their constituents to "organize into new groups" and feed them on a starvation diet of false hopes!

Don't you all know
when you're being "had"?

In the meantime the developers are wasting any time.

They're in a frenzy making hay while you all wallow in your newly found roles of self importance!

Oh boy, could I name a few names!

That's why we're losing the war
of our neighborhoods!

Me ?
I'm beat and thinking of going over to the "other side".

You know how it goes...
"Better to sumptuously dine in Hell than be an ill-fed lackey in Heaven"!

Anonymous said...

"Back".... along with your phantom nemesis the "Queen Catherine"

C'mon fella...
get a new "line" already!

And get out of your armchair!

Anonymous said...

Too bad, from what i hear, the interior was just as nice as the exterior. A look at the inside:

Too bad those nice bathtubs will probably end up in some trash bin.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! The interior is hideous.

Anonymous said...

"Hideous", like the interior of your skull, I suppose!

At least
you've got a lot of space up there!