Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Electrical jolt kills dog in LIC

Out for his nighttime walk, Sebastian made contact with the base of the lamppost and died instantly.

"As soon as he got to the lamppost, he jumped and he dropped," she said. "And he starting shaking wildly, and I'm like, 'Go on. Get up, Sebastian, get up,' And he wouldn't move. And he just shook. And then, all of the sudden, he stopped shaking and he was dead. My dog was dead."

The horrific incident left Sing shaken and devastated. She and neighbors frantically called ConEd's emergency hotline, but so far, no one has explained what went wrong.

Dog electrocuted during walk


Anonymous said...

rest in peach, sebastian.

hopefully eric the doorman gioia will wage a war against con ed and evenge your wrongful death.

oh nevermind, he's too busy kissing the mayor's ass, posing for pictures and endorsing elizabeth crowley.

Anonymous said...

This is a shameful result of a poorly maintained, antiquated electrical grid !

Isn't it time our political dons really address this dangerous condition instead of sucking up to Con Ed all the time?

Maybe if one of these crumb-buns would step on an electrified manhole cover themselves, it would jolt their gray cells and awaken them!

Anonymous said...

i feel for this woman

i would be devasted if this happened to my dog

this happens quite often in nyc

and do not forget the woman who was killed in th east village a few years ago in a similar manner

Anonymous said...

The Koreans will use this as a free meal.

Woast Dog for Memorweal Day.