Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloomie likely to pay staff to keep quiet

Bloomberg, who was CEO of his financial information company before entering public life, has long said he values loyalty above all else among his employees and confidants.

"I've always thought that you, when you work for somebody, you have an obligation to not write a tell-all book afterwards, and that's true whether you're in an administration or whether you're working for a private company," he said.


At his multibillion-dollar financial information company, Bloomberg LP, there is a bit more of an insurance policy keeping mouths shut - employees sign confidentiality agreements upon being hired, according to a spokeswoman.

City Hall staffers do not sign such an oath. But the wealthy mayor, who was known for lavishing his top campaign aides with eye-popping bonuses after his election and re-election, could also similarly reward his city staff after he leaves office.

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Anonymous said...

The Dear Leader simply cannot silence everyone.

Watch the floodgates open when he is battered by the lawsuit by the 58 (and counting) women he abused because that had the audacity to be pregnant and on his payroll simultaneously.

His command to these women? Kill it!