Monday, May 26, 2008

Forced demolition for Bklyn building

A Brooklyn Heights building on the verge of collapse was evacuated so an emergency crew could remove the top two floors before they toppled, witnesses said yesterday.


Workers were rushed to 100 Clark St. - which was built in the 1850s - after an anonymous tipster called 311 on Saturday and said the top floors were buckling.

When they arrived, the top of the five-story, red-brick building was protruding 13 inches over Clark Street, prompting an immediate evacuation of the structure's three occupied apartments.

The Penson brothers - who have fought tenants at other properties over maintenance and rent issues - have been slapped with a violation for failure to maintain the building, authorities said.

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Anonymous said...

They should forcibly demolish all buildings in NYC that violate zoning codes. Don't settle with the owners to fix the buildings. Then make them pay for it.