Monday, May 26, 2008

Lizzy's campaign finance violations in detail

In January 2005, Elizabeth Crowley's failed 2001 campaign was audited. The following violations were found by the Campaign Finance Board:
You would think a lien would have been put on her accounts, but she has raised $158,850 thus far and has yet to pay off all of the $56,267 penalty. How is she permitted to run for office with outstanding fines on record from 7 years ago? You can't get away with that at DMV...

Furthermore, Councilman Sheldon Leffler was convicted for almost identical campaign finance fraud in 2003. Why wasn't Dizzy Lizzy indicted? Answer: Leffler was an anti-establishment candidate while Crowley is princess of the Queens Democratic Machine.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley hung out with Brian "The Crook" McLaughlin for 6 years. She had to learn a thing or two about stealing. He even locked himself in the office with her.

BTW, did anyone get that Crowley piece with her family on the cover? What a bunch of hillbillies! Could anyone smile in the photo and could they get some decent clothes?
And what about that little girl in the photo? Did anyone think to dress her with something that looked presentable?
My God that photo is going to give me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Charles Ober seems to be the only candidate that had the nerve to ask Crowley about the money she owes the taxpayers. It is about time that someone brought this up. The fact that she was given a pass up to now was wrong. Crowley also avoided the JPCA because she knew that someone would ask the question and she did not want to answer it. I think that she under estimated Ober and thought that Ober would not ask her the question, on TV, in front of millions of people. Crowley's question to Como actually sealed the fact that Crowley and Como are working together.

This goes back to the 2006 election when serf lost the election at 10:40 P.M. and than won the election 10 minutes later. The Republicans and the Democrats sealed a deal (that the Democrats would not ask for an official recount or an investigation into where the race was stolen) and gave Serf the seat with the condition that Serf would help Crowley in 2008. That's why when Ognibene threw his hat in the ring Como all of the sudden threw his name in the ring. They figured that Como would divide the Republicans vote and Crowley would waltz right in. BUT they never figured Ober would run. They thought that Nolan had Ober under wraps. They figured that Nolan would side step Ober and keep him from running. I am sure that Nolan told county that Ober can't run and he would never run.

Nolan underestimated Ober's ability to run, his stamina to run, his dedication to run and even though Nolan threatened all of Ober's friends to not help him, she never realized that Ober had many other friends out side of the Nolan controlled Democratic Club. That is why things are so crazy right now. Because Nolan never saw this coming. Nolan does not realize how much Charles has done to keep things running all these years. All the good things Ober has done for all the organizations he belongs to. All the work he has done for his community.

The fact of the matter is, the voters need to look at the entire picture. Every one that has endorsed Crowley must be saying to the voters that stealing and criminal activity is OK to commit. How can anyone run for office when you have a debt that you owe to the tax payers because you tried to commit fraud by stealing the taxpayers money. and all these politicians that endorsed Crowley must believe that committing fraud and stealing the tax payers money is OK? HMMMMMM


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone explain the reason Crowley has to pay the 50,000 in fine?

Crowley was fined because she had money order contributions that contained 16 consecutive numbers. Which means that someone bought the 16 checks and gave them to others to give to her campaign? This would allow the Crowley campaign to qualify for matching funds for those 16 people. Up to 16,000 in city money for Crowley and the crook Mclaughlin to spread the lies.

That same year 2001 former Councilman Sheldon Leffler was indicted and convicted of the same campaign scheme of distributing consecutive money orders to others to qualify for more matching funds. The money for the money orders was given to Leffler by a real estate donor.

How come Leffler was indicted for consecutive checks and Crowley was fined? This clearly shows how people like Crowley in this town with connections to the machine do not have to worry about law and order. That is why the crooks run this town.

Queens Crapper said...

"Sheldon Leffler, a former city councilman from Queens Village, was convicted in late 2003 of campaign fraud. Leffler violated campaign finance law when he filed false claims for public matching funds for the 2001 race for Queens Borough President. He was sentenced to five years probation, 540 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine."

Anonymous said...

Crowley and Leffler both violated campaign finance law when they filed false claims for public matching funds for their 2001 races.

"Sheldon S. Leffler, a former city councilman, was convicted of fraud in 2003 in connection with $10,000 funneled to his campaign by a real estate company owner, who wrote out 38 money orders in the names of her employees, tenants and relatives without their knowledge. Just last week, the board imposed $20,000 in penalties on a Council candidate, Elizabeth S. Crowley, for "failing to respond completely and adequately" to questions about 16 money-order contributions made to her 2001 campaign." from the New York Times.


Anonymous said...

Ober was clearly the best in the ny1 debate. Ognibene was a credible second.

Liz and Como embarrassed themselved with their poor performance.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, lets have some fun.

Let us see if the Queens newspapers report this.

If they don't how about a letter to the editor (with a copy to Queens Crap)

Listen "Dishin' Crap with Dee"?

Anonymous said...

Someone better tell the Ober campaign that Michael Mascetti is working for Crowley to get info from Ober's campaign manager to get back to Crowley. They promised him a lot of money for his nonprofit if he gets info out of the campaign manager and gives it to Crowley.

I got wind of this a few days ago at Crowley's campaign that Michael had told Crowley's people that he had an in with the Ober campaign and that he could get info out of the campaign to give to Crowley and they promised him a lot of money for his non-profit and something about Michael's father needing a job in the union. so beware Ober that this is out there. Can someone please get this message to the Ober People in case he is in contact with them. They need to know about this right away.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you can't hide that bad skin under all that make-up. Please let me pop your zits!

Anonymous said...

Please help me install my incompetent bimbo cousin in the council so I can expand my circle of control.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer Ch1 - "Why, oh why did I say yes to this?" (or worse).

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Michael Mascetti?

Anonymous said...

"Who the hell is Michael Mascetti?"

An asswipe, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Why do we automatically believe that McLaughlin taught Dizzie Lizzie a thing or two about stealing?

Isn't it just as likely that the Crapleys were the prime instigators here?

Cousin Congressman pimps out Lizzie to trap the innocent McLaughlin in a honey pot, and he shares with the dumbass family (yes, including Como).

This explanation proves The Diz does, too, have brains.

Oops. Brian is spilling the beans to save his skin.

Soon we'll know everything.

So, why let this honey pot get on the public payroll now? We'll just have to toss her ass off very soon - and, then have still another special election.