Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JFK mural dismantled and sold

Portions of the mural will go on display on Long Island and Texas. But nostalgic travelers who recall the terminal's past can own a piece of that era. A salvaging company, Olde Good Things, brokered a deal with the airline to deconstruct the mammoth artwork. Workers removed the panes with the agreement to give American as many pieces as it wished; the rest of the window was left to the salvaging company to sell in its Chelsea store, said American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith. The shop received about 750 pieces and is selling them for about $95 a square foot, store employee Diana Harrod said. The pieces are numbered and the store has a map of the original window, so customers can purchase more than one pane and arrange them as they once were.

An icon of 1960s flight, saved pane by pane

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Anonymous said...

Its sad how not a single builder or any organization in Queens had the foresight to try to keep this.

Yet another example how our boro's leadership are just on automatic pilot.