Wednesday, May 21, 2008



The city will lose 70,500 jobs and $2 billion in tax revenues over the next year as a national recession sweeps into the Big Apple, the Independent Budget Office predicted yesterday.

But watchdogs say the downturn won't affect the city budget until after Mayor Bloomberg is out of office because of a current $4.6 billion surplus and cost-cutting begun this year.

Job-loss predictions are:

* Financial services: 33,300 positions lost.

* Professional and business services: 21,200.

* Information industry: 8,600.

* Construction: 7,400.

The IBO predicts that what it views as a recession will "bottom out" in New York by the middle of next year.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Bloomberg will be raising the real estate taxes on our humble abodes to make up for the shortfall!

He's always got the middle class in
the middle of the cross hairs!

Thanks Mike....I'll be joining millions of NYC residents
toasting the day you leave office!

Anonymous said...

We're expecting a retort shortly,
from that whining
ex-caterer/CAU commissioner,
extolling Mike's "virtues"!

What was her name....Nazi,
Nazli or something?

Is she still on the job sucking up her 3 figure patronage salary?

Anonymous said...

Still will not stop the flow of the third world into queens.

The machine, their press, have put a big neon arrow over the boro: you are welcome here!

Understand it replaced the Great Wall of China as the most visible thing from space.

So....we get lots of dependents with no money to pay or support them.

Anonymous said...

and we were taught to believe
that over development would create
job opportunities....h-m-m-m?

I guess that was just another Bloomberg lie
(or one of"Parkside's" big fibs)!

Scratch that line of BS
along with all that "tooth fairy" crap I was sold as a kid!

I should have known better.

"Dear Santa Claus,
We need a new good hearted mayor for our great metropolis but we'll
settle for just an honest one".

"What's that Santa....Metropolis
is Superman's domain"?

The hell with you too Santa!