Saturday, May 31, 2008

Focus on equipment and not operators

Investigators are focusing on a bad weld as the possible cause of an accident on Friday in which the top of a crane snapped off, crashed into a building across the street and killed two construction workers, the city’s acting buildings commissioner said.

Investigators Look at Crane’s Equipment, Not Operators

Investigators were also trying to determine whether a crucial part of the crane — the rotating plate that connects the cab and boom at the top to the tower — had been removed from a different construction job a year ago after developing a dangerous crack, another city official said.

The thrust of the investigation indicated that city officials believe Friday’s accident had a very different set of causes from the fatal crane collapse that occurred in March: namely, that the condition of the equipment rather than mistakes made in setting it up were behind the crash.


Anonymous said...

You can't scapegoat Pat Lancaster any more Mayor Bum-berg, nor her replacement either for that matter.

And you stooges who've been assigned to scoping "Queens Crap" had better inform hizzoner that his
popularity rating is nowhere near the high percentages you've been manufacturing!

while you're at it!

H-m-m-m, I guess you don't really give a damn do you....not until a crane falls near or directly on your own east side digs Mr. Mike!
(You ain't my mayor).

Anonymous said...

Did the crane assemble itself (or unqualified workers)?

Did the owner set the relentless timetable (and who did they donate to in the elections)?

Just because THEY say its equipment, does not stop us from discussing the envirnment that created this disaster.

And there you wil find undocumented workers and campaign donors.

Anonymous said...

The Dear Leader Killer Commissar of Soviet NYC demands that there be no more discussion of his latest deadly failure to protect New Yorkers.

He demands that there be no further discussion of this deadly incident until he composes the propaganda to be propagated.

He forbids any free speech that has not originated from his handlers.

And, right now he's requiring that all pregnant women in the city "Kill it", because it will be just an excuse for a tax deduction. He will permit all pregnant men to carry to full term just to show he's not hostile to children - just to children born and used as a tax deduction.

What the hell use is a sanctuary city if those illegals given sanctuary won't die for a developer and profitability?

Kill all who stand in the way of progressive (Soviet) development!