Friday, May 30, 2008

Crowley's gay endorsement a political favor

Party insiders said the endorsement by the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens is part of a web of political favors being exchanged at a time when Queens Democrats are going through an upheaval caused by term limits and a key race for control of the state Senate.

City Council hopeful Elizabeth Crowley in tight spot over gay backing

Crowley has told the editorial board of a Queens weekly newspaper that she does not support gay marriage, sources said. She does support civil unions.

The Crowley camp refused to discuss her position on gay marriage with the Daily News.

Ober accused the club's founder, Democratic district leader Danny Dromm, of gift-wrapping the endorsement for Crowley in hopes of getting party backing for a potential 2009 run in the 25th Council District, where Helen Sears is term-limited.

Party insiders said Dromm faces competition from at least two other district leaders for Democratic Party backing in next year's 25th Council District race.

"Danny is making sure that he does whatever [party leaders] want right now," one insider said, referring to the club's endorsement of Crowley, whose cousin, Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens), heads the Queens Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

A typical exmaple as to how the machine controls our lives.

I call for the GLT community to stand up and support Ober.

Or everthing they do be accussed of pandering to the machine.

Anonymous said...

The Tribune also endorsed Lizzy in this week's annual Gay Pride edition. Hypocrisy knows no bounds. The Trib is the newspaper of the Dem Party Machine.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask her about how her cousin got the job as Congressman, and her opinion if this is a mockery of the American democratic process.

I dare you (now make sure the cameras are rolling!)

Anonymous said...

This Crowley cur is just one more cheesy liar who will say anything for advantage.

Dizzie Lizzie: What is it that your brother Francis did to that girl at the Merchant Marine Academy that got him convicted (in Federal Court) and sentenced for 9 years?

Did he rape her? Was it a perverted form of sexual assault?

Do you condemn his behavior?

When did you last visit him? Remember, records of visitors are kept and are public.

Now, when did you last visit your brother? No more lies.

Aren't you from a family that cherishes family values?

What did your brother do to be convicted and sentenced for 9 years? When did you last visit your brother?

Anonymous said...

I see that Walter Sanchez of the Queens Ledger is supporting Crowley. What a surprise! Dishonest people stick together. What will be revealed in the coming weeks is how Sanchez defrauded his workers out of tens of thousands of dollars in social security deductions.

Federal liens on his business and personal finances total over $300,000. He's a con man. There's no other way to describe this man. Watch as this story breaks in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Well, we know that she didn't offer a "lay to a gay" in exchange for a political endorsement.

H-m-m-m, but her "feminine charms"
on the isle of Lesbos might accomplish quite a bit there!