Thursday, May 8, 2008

Concrete chunks rain down on Northern

An Amtrak bridge over the busy intersection of Northern Blvd. and Broadway in Woodside has severe cracks in its concrete exterior - posing a significant danger to pedestrians and motorists, a top elected official warned.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who has demanded an immediate response from Amtrak, said the bridge's exterior has deteriorated to the point where chunks of concrete have fallen off.

Marshall warns of dangerous bridge


Anonymous said...

Hey well there's a shock. Something in Queens that isn't maintained.

Anonymous said...

If a piece happens to fall on Helen she won't get brained 'cause she ain't got none to begin with....
only some fancy dancin' steps
and a bright "yassir"
for her developer "mas'rs"!

Good grief who the hell put her in office? !!! Not me!

Anonymous said...

Who's her "fashion consultant"?

Big hair and shoulder pads have
been out for years.

She looks like a queen size
unmade bed!
(But she's made in the shade with
all those builders' kickbacks she's been getting)!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reporter suggested Helen dress like a Rose Bowl float for the photo op or if she borrowed this outfit from Karen Koslowitz.

Anonymous said...

Face it, our beloved Queens is a 3rd world country.

But falling concrete may just add some of that NY "grittiness" that LES'ers are always reminiscing about.

David M. Quintana said...

I just don't get it...Here is a situation that Borough President Marshall is doing her job to protect the citizens of Queens and most of the comments are about the way she's dressed...

How ridiculous, what if one of those pieces of concrete had fallen on a moving car or worse yet a person or a baby in a stroller...Isn't this what we want from our elected officials...

The following is from the article...

"Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said a group of engineers evaluated the bridge yesterday in response to Marshall's letter.

"We're going to work on shoring up the concrete," he said, adding that work is likely to begin tomorrow and continue through the end of next week.

Cole said workers will replace or strengthen concrete sections that have been eroded or weakened. But Amtrak is not planning to completely replace the bridge's concrete exterior, he said.

Marshall said she hopes the repairs will not just be cosmetic.

"This isn't a patch job," she said.

Lastly, I just want to commend the BP for getting this problem straightened out in a timely manner..I applaud her actions...It's a shame that more elected officials don't take a strong stand like this, maybe everything wouldn't be neglected by the City agencies...