Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Call for end to Astoria squirrel murders

Wildlife advocates are calling for an end to the trapping and killing of squirrels at the Queensview Co-op in Astoria, Queens which has hired a nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) to trap and kill squirrels who they've deemed to be nuisances.

The Empty Cages Collective, an all-volunteer grassroots environmental and animal advocacy organization is leading the campaign to stop the ineffective attempt to manage the squirrel population and encourage the use of non-lethal and humane methods of dealing with human/squirrel conflicts.

The Queensview Co-Op claims the squirrels are chewing the wires of vehicles and getting into homes. However, random trapping and removing the squirrels is not a viable long-term solution to conflicts with squirrels. As nature works to ensure that all habitat is sufficiently utilized, new squirrels will simply replace the ones trapped and killed.

According to PJ McKosky, spokesman for the Empty Cages Collective, these squirrels will continue to get into homes and chew wires if no habitat modification or repellents are used. Thus, an endless and expensive cycle of inefficient and cruel trapping of animals has the potential of becoming commonplace. McKosky advocates humane deterrents to prevent squirrels from entering areas (like attics, windows) by using chimney caps and other barriers.

The Empty Cages Collective is calling upon the public to write, call, fax, and e-mail Queensview Co-Op demanding they cease trapping immediately and find non-lethal AND humane methods of dealing with human/squirrel conflicts. Tell them other squirrels will fill the gap of the missing squirrels so the problem will never be solved by trapping. Mention that babies are being left to starve and dehydrate to death.

Frank Marcovitz, Property Manager
Queensview Co-op
21-66 33rd Road
Astoria Queens, NY 11106
(718) 728-5090
(718) 274-0567 (Fax)

While the Queensview Co-op claims that the squirrels are being captured to be released elsewhere, the fact is many NWCO companies lie about the final disposition of the animals they trap. Even if they are relocated, relocated wildlife suffer high mortality rates. Any habitat that has sufficient food and nesting sites for a particular species most likely already has the maximum number of said species sustained there.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact PJ McKosky (Peter J McKosky) with the Empty Cages Collective. (917) 400-3351.

Thanks for your time. Below are some facts:

*Female grey squirrels often have dependent young at this time of year. Trapping adult squirrels inevitably leads to baby squirrels being orphaned and dying of dehydration, starvation, exposure and lack of maternal care.

*Trapping and killing/relocation is ineffective and a waste of money. There is no possible way that Queensview Co-op will trap every squirrel in Astoria. Even if they did, it is only a temporary solution, as new squirrels will inhabit the vacant area, as the habitat remains welcoming to squirrels.

*Trapping is indiscriminate. Queensview Co-op employees allege that a squirrel chewed the wires in one resident's vehicle. Attempting to trap any and all squirrels because one squirrel gnawed on wires one time is overkill.

*Many residents appreciate the presence of urban wildlife, and are opposed to the trapping and removal of the squirrels.

*Humane alternatives exist to trapping – repellents, exclusions, and tolerant attitudes are better ways of dealing with human-wildlife conflict.

* A 2004 study showed that grey squirrels who were live-trapped and relocated from suburban areas to a large forest showed that a staggering 97 percent of the squirrels either soon died or disappeared from their release area. Relocation is often a death sentence for wildlife.


Anonymous said...

People suck. End of story.

Anonymous said...

trap the residents and owners of the Queensview Co-op and relocate them, instead.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people leave nature alone? When is everyone going to realize that we are the biggest threat to this planet?

Anonymous said...

What is Peter Vallone, the great animal lover, doing about this?

Anonymous said...

i saw these trapped squirrels being roasted on steinway and sold as gyros

Anonymous said...

They're nothing but rats with bushy tails. Kill them.

Anonymous said...

Nature isn't providing for the squirrels, all the bench warmers feeding them table scraps are!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely do not condone the killing of any wildlife in my area...

OK, that being said, we here in the Queensview area have a very big problem with squirrels. I am not the person that is referred to in the article, but squirrels made nests and chewed the wires in my car THREE times--the cost--$1900. After the second time, I parked my car in different places so that the squirrels would not come back. They did anyway! After the third time, I got rid of the car.I was told that once they mark your car--it is home! I personally know over a dozen people that this has happened too. One man put a sock with moth balls in it under his hood after his car was hit two times. Ken, who was a very kind man, said that he had to remember to take it out before he drove.

In the playgrounds, squirrels have chased children for their food, and even gone into diaper bags for food. They climb into windows. It is dangerous. They are cute, agreed. But, there has to be a solution to this problem. Killing them is out of the question, But, I am for relocation (or something) with the hope that they will be OK. Might sound harsh--but it is true.

I am more worried about my children being bitten than I am about the squirrels making it out in the wild. The squirrels are very aggressive around here. If someone has a solution, offer it up.

I'd like to know how many people who think that we should just leave nature alone (the squirrels) think that abortion is OK. After all, if a woman just let nature take its course, a baby would be born. "Why can't people just leave nature alone" Hmmm...

"Astoria squirrel murders?" A little much!

Queens Crapper said...

Why would squirrels exhibit this type of behavior, especially taking wires out of cars? I have never heard of this happening anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels DON'T disable cars!

Like they're going to go out of their way to chew your tasty distributor wires!

What a f----g dope
your mamma spawned (if you even know who your father is for that matter)!

You sound like you're just an ignorant HATER who's been probably putting in to many
fraudulent auto insurance claims!

"Hello Mr. Allstate agent....the Squirrels just stole my car".

I hope they jack your rates
up to the sky....doofus!

Anonymous said...

In his region of Italia
Squirrel Caccitore is a delicacy!

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are protected under New York State law!

The perps can be slapped with fines of ten grand and up.
That ought to trim their wicks!

Call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's department of fish and wildlife, located just above the Hunters point #7 stop.

Their ARMED enforcement unit
will act where the city doesn't give a flying f--k about shit!

But I've actually put in a 911
call to the NYPD regarding a squirrel REMINDING THEM they had to uphold STATE LAW also.

They responded in 7 1/2 minutes
and took the perp in!

Are you following all this
some of you throwback jerks?!!!

Anonymous said...

You people are all very ignorant!!!

It is so very strange to read all this compassion about squirrels--and then read venom to your fellow man/woman who is giving some insight into a real problem. OK, so why don't all of you squirrel loving rocket scientists google "squirrels eating car wires."

Anonymous said... are only a part of our Divine ecosystem....not its master!

St Francis
knew this well and had respect
AND LOVE for ALL living creatures!

You too will eventually learn
this final lesson,
that you're part of a natural system when those little insignificant worms feast on your corpse!

Tiny as they may be....they have a purpose and they are to be regarded as Divine creations.....pea brain!

Anonymous said...

What was that old Biblical (???) quote....
"And so you do it to the least of do it to Me"!

Was it something like that?

Statistics have shown that many future mass murderers begin their careers by fist killing the neighborhood cats (or Squirrels)!

That's why we're first so concerned for Nature's innocents!

Anonymous said...

We sure could use another St Francis. Good of you to mention him, anonymous. You've got a good heart.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of "Google"-di-goop!

Just like Wikopedia is supposed to be the Gospel truth when compared to the encyclopedia Britanica.

Do you actually know how rare it is that Squirrels chew car wires?

I'd rather play a long shot in the daily double with 5 Gs on the line!

I suppose some crafty carjackers
paid off some bushy tails in peanuts to hot wire your Lexus but they got confused and bit the wrong wires before making the reconnection.

You're certainly no rocket scientist yourself fella...
so stop pullin' our legs!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute....
remember "The Doberman Gang"?

Those dogs were taught to rob.

Why not a secret agent Squirrel
sent on a mission by the CIA to shred
an enemy's critical files?

Got any other good Squirrel tales?

Anonymous said...

out there in cyberland:

Squirrels are not aggressive....
maybe a little curious about your lunch.

Just shoo them away.

And THEY DON'T carry Rabies!

Unless your "baby" is wearing
"eau de walnut" a squirrel
won't attempt to bite it either!

Anonymous said...

The only reason squirrels would approach a child who has food is if some person had been feeding the squirrels. Feeding wildlife is generally a bad idea for reasons like this. However, simply because a squirrel APPROACHED a child, does not mean he or she was acting agressively. He or she was looking for a handout. Furthermore, a squirrel digging around in a diaper bag hardly means lethel or inhumane force should be used against the animals. This degree of fear for a species of animal who is relatively harmless is a sad, sad state of affairs.

Relocation during this time of year KILLS wildlife. Several of the squirrels at Queensview I saw personally were lactating, meaning they had dependent young in the nest. What do you think happens to those animals when their mother's are purposefully removed and dropped off in the middle of nowhere? They starve to death or die of dehydration. This happens not by principles guided by natural selection, but human arrogance and cruelty.

One of the only studies ever published on gray squirrel relocation showed that a HUGE 97 percent of the squirrels relocated from a suburban area to a forest died or disappeared soon after relocation. Relocation is a death sentence for wildlife and is only slightly better then outright killing the creatures.

Also, for the Queensview Co-op residents who claim they support relocation based solely on their cars. Do you think the squirrels are being relocated to where no cars exist? If not, then why is acceptable to dump your supposed "problem" on some other person then using the damage done to your car as an opporunity to learn to coexist and make peace with urban wildlife? Where damage to car wiring is a problem because of squirrels, people should consider moving their cars more often (squirrel chewing wiring happens typically when cars are left standing for long periods of times. Individuals can also spray a capsaicin-based squirrel replellent like critter ridder on their wiring as an extra precaution.

It is simply overkill to trap and kill/relocae every squirrel simply because one squirrel chewed wiring. Its akin to throwing every person in jail who has had a beer or glass of wine simply because they one day might, could have, potentially be a drunk driver.

Remember, squirrels don't shoot unarmed black men 50 times. They don't cause global warming, rape woman, or deforest forests - only our human culture does these things.

The second thing to remember is that the trapping won't work! Nature works to ensure all habitat is sufficiently utilized. So long as beautiful old trees are at Queensview, people feed birds nearby, and other habitat requirements squirrels have remain unchanged, there will be squirrels. New squirrels will just inhabit the areas formerly occupied by the squirrels who were cruelly removed. The Queensview Co-op and the people who hire nuisance trappers would do better to flush their money right down the toliet.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how many people who think that we should just leave nature alone (the squirrels) think that abortion is OK. After all, if a woman just let nature take its course, a baby would be born. "Why can't people just leave nature alone" Hmmm...

Are you retarded? A woman makes a choice to lay down and have sex knowing full well the consequences. These squirrels have no choice. WE are intruding upon THEIR territory. I would suggest you stay away from them–they might smell that peanut brain of yours and try to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people in the
Queensview Co-ops should be relocated to Siberia
where the cold can wake up their brains (if they have any)!

And I'd report the contractors
and co-op owners to DEC
so they can both be heavily fined.

I hope you have enough $$$$$$ in your co-op reserve fund to cover expenses?

Anonymous said...

Some of these anti-Squirrel idiots need to be staked on a fire ant hill with a dab of honey applied to their crotches!

That'll teach 'em respect for some of Nature's littlest of critters!

warp10 said...

2 people have mentioned that there are laws in NYS preventing trapping of squirrels. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Environmental Conservation Law § 11-0523, part 7 states:

"7. Whenever black, grey and fox squirrels, opossums or weasels are injuring property on occupied farms or lands or dwellings, they may be taken at any time in any manner, by the owners or occupants thereof or by a person authorized in writing by such owner or occupant."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

Which accounts for about 90 percent of the postings on here. Not from Crappy. From the general public.

Anonymous said...

"2 people have mentioned that there are laws in NYS preventing trapping of squirrels."

No, 2 people said they were PROTECTED under state law. Learn to read before trying to make a point.

Anonymous said...

You moron.... I did not say that you cannot humanely trap a squirrel under NYS law.

It is illegal to KILL them.

And that's what's being done by "relocating" them.

The Nazis were also big on "relocation" (or work) camps!

Pull your dick out of your ear
and listen up a little before you mouth off next time!

And I'm putting in a call to the DEC regarding the ILLEGAL
transportation of wildlife during their breeding seasons!

I suggest everyone else who cares to do likewise.

Now you can put your "pin prick"
back up your ass where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

It's been said that the Creator
works in mysterious ways.

There are many forms
that Divine payback might take
to deliver "transgressors"
to a state of humbleness and respect for all sacred Life.

I wish none of you any harm,
but some of you animal haters have vested yourselves in extremely
bad karma.

Take great care
for you are spitting in the face
of Creation itself and you have sentenced yourselves, by your own selfishness, to the lives
that you've yet to complete.

Or more simply put,
what goes around comes around.

Lord have mercy. Amen.

Anonymous said...

"We are the biggest threat to this planet", as you've so well said
poster #3.

I remember once visiting the
Great Apes House at Bronx Zoo.

There was a sign over a cage
that read "the most dangerous Primate in the world".

I stepped forward
to get a look at the species
and discovered I was viewing
my own reflection in a large mirror that was placed behind the bars.

Wow! I was tricked into a revealing revelation about my own nature!

Men and women are the biggest threats....capable of waging war and the destruction of their own living quarters!

Anonymous said...

Why are you kooks not in an uproar over the innocent killing of rats and roaches in the Astoria area?

STOP THE NEEDLESS KILLING OF RATS AND ROACHES!!! And don't forget the innocent and often overlooked Silverfish!!! Save the Silverfish!

Here's the news:
Rat & Roach & Squirrel & Pigeon = New York City pest.

Anonymous said...

I would please ask the generalizing assh*les to refrain from labeling residents of QV as idiots or wishing we relocate to Siberia plz...Posting comments like that don't lend credibility to your postings whatsoever.

I've lived in QV for 25 years and have NEVER heard of the cable munching stories...If a squirrel is nesting in your car then I think it's safe to say your car has been there a while!!! Squirrels won't nest in your car overnight. I can say however that more than once I've been surprised by a squirrel on my internal windowsil and had to shoo them out - they don't carry rabies but will bite if threatened and cornered. Luckily they are skiddish little guys and quickly jumped right back out.

It must be said that QV is a highly foliated development, i.e., fantastic and highly refreshing amount of trees and foliage and I have yet to see someplace in Astoria quite like it (not to mention the absolute bargain of real estate!).

If you don't want them jumping in your windows then put screens up. If you don't want them nesting in your cars then take precautions - OR just move somewhere else! Might I suggest Florida? Most of you are there for 4 months out of the year anyway =-)

Anonymous said...

This an old thread, which I just came across.

I've lived in North Queensview Homes for 20 years. There have been squirrels on the grounds since I visited friends here as a child. I have lived in this area of LIC most of my life.

There are actually TWO sets of co-ops on 21 Street called Queensview, one co-op is called North Queensview Homes, the other: Queensview West.

These co-ops also get confused with the housing project which is also on 21st Street, Ravenswood Houses. All these tall generic buildings basically look the same and they all have grounds with grass and trees.

The North Queensview co-op has seven buildings, the other co-op has fourteen buildings. Both sets of co-ops have manicured well kept grounds, as well as more than one parking lot, which co-op residents pay yearly fees to park their cars. Both co-ops have playgrounds.

This article failed to address which co-op was having the squirrel problem, I would assume both? If one co-op had them so would the other, especially as these co-ops are directly across the street from each other.

Squirrels on internal windowsills? I live high up, this has never been a problem, but there once was a hawk on my air conditioner! Scary!

I'd be interested to know how a squirrel could get into these co-op apartments, as neither co-op has apartments on the first floor. I guess the squirrel would have to be pretty industrious, the squirrel would need to climb a tree, then fly, like cartoon character Rocky the Squirrel, into a second or third floor open window!? Most of the tree branches at North Queensview are trimmed quite far away from residents windows.

It's now July 2013, the squirrels are still here, they are as ubiquitous as the original, now elderly, residents!

I guess the manager and Board ran out of options. Years ago, a few co-op residents attempted to free the squirrels from the humane traps, they were fined.

As for the angry posts by clueless non-co-op residents: all co-ops have rules, as well as flip taxes and many other quality of life rules which help to keep the co-op running smoothly.

Prospective co-op buyers are supposed to ask about specific rules BEFORE buying their co-op, not move in, then complain. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, there is absolutely no room for buyer's remorse!

Squirrels on the grounds? It's a very small price to pay for unbelievably gorgeous unblocked views of the Manhattan skyline, a low maintenance, a pleasant quiet environment as well as very close proximity to Manhattan. I'm not going anywhere and apparently neither are the squirrels!

Anonymous said...

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