Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bloomie admits he's out to satisfy developers

From the Angry NYer, who picked up on a Bloomberg Freudian slip (or was it?):

“...New York City government — elected by the people — is what is going to determine what goes on in this city, not any study panel, not any elected officials outside of local city government, and all of this is not helpful in terms of satisfying developers,” the mayor continued.

Again - let’s underline that: “all of this is not helpful in terms of satisfying developers

In Bloomberg’s mind, debate is evil, planning out a project the right way is evil. Democracy is evil. Instead, in his head, the sole function of the city government is to "satisfy developers". Gee, thanks, you asshole.


Anonymous said...

For Christ's sake....

Look at where his company's investments are!

Another half pint
with a distorted grand ego,
purporting himself to be another Napoleon!

Anonymous said...

Oops! His secret is out.

Anonymous said...

So finally the turtle-faced lying dwarf Killer Commissar has spoken the truth.

He is a developer who believes that New Yorkers exist to serve his and all developers' interests.

Illegal aliens to perform low wage labor. So what if they are killed? Who's to miss them?

Use of the outer boroughs to store the illegals when they're not working on projects that use low wages, low standards, and violations to increase profits.

Keep Manhattan for the Precious People. Tax all others into submission. Provide exemptions for the Precious Ones.

Say the new Pledge of Allegiance:
I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the profitable developers' obliteration: of neighborhoods, of government, and all that is decent under God.

Anonymous said...

Talking to my super today, who was overseeing some painting in the lobby of my building in LIC. He mentioned that he had recently been visited by a Sanitation official, who was quizzing him on the building and approximately how much garbage it puts out.

The super told him that our place has the same number of units, 38, that it has since it was built in the mid-'20s (along with three conjoined, identical structures with which it shares a courtyard). Apparently Sanitation is surveying how much more resources it will need to pour into LIC as it gets overbuilt.

His retort to the official was appropriate; unless we're shoe-horning whole football teams into each unit, the usage would remain constant from previous studies. That's one wasted gesture. The second: why is this being done after all those lovely LIC towers are already rising, if not actually open for business? Shouldn't some kind of formula of units and density been applied before all this? Makes it sound as if it's the first time in NYC's history that development has ever occurred.