Friday, January 29, 2016

Staten Island homeowner has pipe problem that DEP won't fix

From CBS 2:

A Staten Island man said a sinkhole caused by a broken pipe is threatening his home, but the city said it is not their problem.

The man, Morris Indig, has been left fighting to figure out who is going to fix the sinkhole, and CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco was demanding answers Thursday night.

Water has been gushing through Indig’s backyard in the Grasmere section of Staten Island. It has caused the pavement to crumble and has created a sinkhole nearly 15 feet long – creeping dangerously close to his home.

“It’s eroding the soil all around here, including near my foundation wall,” Indig said. “This slab is starting to tip towards the hole already, and I’m really nervous that something is going to happen to the house.”

The problem started weeks ago after heavy rain. Indig believes the pipe carrying water from nearby Brady’s Pond to Cameron Lake, located next to his house, caused the massive hole.


(sarc) said...

Some developer will get a good deal on a collapsed building.

OBTW, Does anyone really want to live in Staten Island???

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Indig missed the big push to sell homeowners insurance for this: NYC will not do jack-squat.

Our civic had a presentation (aka hard-sell) for the pipe insurance - which was interesting, because it took place right after PANY/NJ announced they would be running gi-normous trucks over our already ruined streets. We were told to buy the insurance: PA would not be held responsible.

So, the City does not maintain infrastructure, and we pay.

Anonymous said...

I a,ways considered Staten Island a part of New Jersey. Maybe The volatile Jersey guv can fix it.

Anonymous said...

He should get the best environmental lawyer money can buy and sue the city. KA-CHING!!

Anonymous said...

DEP takes the money for the ever increasing water/sewer bills.

Seems to be a one way street, like a black hole. Money in, nothing out.

(sarc) said...

First Anon;

I have attended meetings on these insurance policies, investigated and researched them.

The pipe insurance is for YOUR own water-main and YOUR own sewer-main ONLY.

NOT some culvert pipe from one hundred years ago, installed by who knows, in the middle of a swamp...

Anonymous said...

@(sarc) Interestingly enough the pipe insurance racket started not so long ago.
If one reads the fine print one can still be on the hook for a substantial amount of money.
Funny how the offers coincide with the crumbling, neglected, aging infrastructure problems.
Also when the pipe is on my property is my responsibility. OK, fair.
However when the wireless water meter transmitters were installed, mine was installed without any concern of private property.
They trespassed and just installed it without any notification.
When I called and mentioned the above, DEP flat out denied it was them, blame was put on the private contractor they hired for the job.
Excuse me, but the private contractor reports to and takes orders from the DEP.
Banana Republics are run like this, not the capital of the world as is proclaimed by some.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they dig down deep enough you might find Jimmy Hoffa.