Friday, January 22, 2016

Up-lifting cars too close to co-op

"Good Afternoon,

I am on The Coop Board for the 129 unit building directly behind The Queens Savoy Hotel at 123-32 82nd Ave. The residents of my Coop are very concerned that they are erecting a 4 story car lift holding 44 cars (see picture attached) which is around a foot from our building with 11 motors on top which will be operating 24/7.

We searched DOB website and the board by the hotel where they are supposed to post approved permits and did not find the approved permit for this structure although we were told it was approved by DOB. We have been told and or saw:
· There was no Impact Study where my Coop Board was asked how this car lift would affect our residents.

· There is less than 10 feet between the end of our Coop and the start of any hotel structure

· Parking- Board members remember being told that the parking would be under the building where there is 10 parking spaces. However, the hotel developers are building this car lift structure which is at the height of the 2nd floor of my building and that of the residential building next door. It definitely is not under the hotel or underground.

How did DOB (if they did) approve this structure? Given the noise the residents of my Coop will be subject to by the running 24/7 of the 11 motors on top of this structure, the carbon monoxide from the cars and no impact study being perform with Board input it does not make sense that this structure was approved.

We asked DOB to review this situation and send a copy of the approved permit(s). If in fact this structure was approved, we asked that DOB put a stop to the construction and use of this structure and review this structure again with the insight of how it will affect the residents in the 129 units in our Coop. DOB needs to conduct an impact study which should include input from my Coop Board.

I appreciate any help you can give us with the car lift that will definitely have a detrimental effect on the 129 unit Coop it abuts." - anonymous


JQ LLC said...

This looks like the floor model plan for residential parking so the city can move forward and develop over adjacent lots and playgrounds

The people at at the DOB under Mayor Bait and Switch are truly insane. And this also looks cheap. And the picture shows that they constructed it first and did not even get rid of that load of trash by the wall. Expect the raccoon population to grow, as it has been for the past 5 years.

I assume this is Richmond Hill, because the city treats Southeast Queens like a leper colony

(sarc) said...

The lifts are "temporary"...

Anonymous said...

Schedule A shows space for 26 cars on the first floor of building.

No mention of the use of Open Space. No Zoning Diagram since first approval of this building was in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Once they turn it into a homeless shelter there would be no need for parking. Just give it a few years.

Anonymous said...

A detriment to the co-op? 24/7? Are you sure? The cars on lifts are generally long term storage-- not hourly up and down. Be careful what you wish for. I'd take car storage over an adjacent night club, or strip club, or loud-all-night-long restaurant, or a dozen other things. You're not going to get your own exclusive park or garden.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3 is right. Plus this is not affecting 129 dwelling units, maybe just those just facing the lot. Also, would you prefer the tenants/hotel guests park on the street. Carbon monoxide risk? I don't think these cars will be running while parked. Also, since when does a Co-op board demand to approve adjacent properties parking? You are absolutely allowed to place parking on your property's open space. However, not more than 50 percent of the required open space on any zoning lot with a building containing residences (this one does) may be used for driveways, private streets, open accessory off-street parking spaces or open accessory off-street loading berths (NYC Zoning Resolution, Section 36-54, Restrictions on Use of Required Residential Open Space for Parking). If that is the case, then the DOB may have something to enforce.

Anonymous said...

The lifts are "temporary"...but the insanity is permanent!

Gary W said...

This is in Kew Gardens, and I agree with Anon above, this will be a homeless shelter in a few years. Plan accordingly.

JQ LLC said...

My mistake about the location. Is this south of Queens Blvd or north, that may be how I got it wrong.

I used to see these types of lots in the city around the flatiron district and in tribeca. But they got rid of them, anyone guess what's there or will soon be there, and the amount of money that will be laundered once they're done?

oops, I said too much again.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way. Park your car in one of these spots and think of the convenience.
You can climb out of your adjacent apartment window right into your vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Location of building= Kew Gardens

The lifts have since been taken down but no word on their replacement.

There are much less than 26 spaces on the first floor of the building.

Citizens should not be afraid to complain because they are afraid of possible alternatives e.g. possible homeless shelter, lounge - see below

The 44 car lift spaces were required by NYC for daily use of residents of The Savoy 83 hotel rooms and 43 apartments; not required for long term parking. The parking lot the building was built on was also for daily parking only. The next doot building to The Savoy we were told is a roof top lounge.